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  1. Ok so I do not know why I am sooo in love with the Japanese language! I wish I can learn it! This song by the way if you do not know is from Naruto Shippuden (anime). I have always wanted to go to Japan and travel around. No I'm not just saying it because its what a lot of people want to do as if I want to follow the crowd. My dream since I was in grammar school, well there and Europe. Ugh I wish I had a great job to be able to go there. Anyways, Arigato!

  2. Oh my god! Some of these are hilarious but I love the end of this! If u know of anything else I should watch tell me! But it has to be funny!

  3. hahah omg this is classic

    "dad im 32"
    "how did u lose weight?"
    "i took a dump"
  4. :'(

    :sad: So I just found out within 2-3 weeks my mom is putting our pug down. I seriously don't know how to handle that. We had her since 2003 so yes she is up in age but still. I hate to lose an animal. I had to see 3 dogs be put to sleep since I was old enough to understand. Oh and my bird. Sigh. Its for the best I suppose. She is blind and a diabetic. As much as I'm gonna miss her, I don't want her to suffer. Already have it planned out that the day before she is going to have a t-bone steak. We do it for every dog. One last great meal before they sleep forever. :cry:
  5. You know it would be nice to see who views our blogs, whether its actual members or guests. I would love to know who took time out of their lives to read my blog. I know one of the staff members will be able to add that sometime soon, hopefully. I'm sure a lot of people would like to know besides knowing when someone comments on their blog. Okay well I'm done! XOXO
  6. So who's excited for the new season of the Walking Dead to start?!? Yes, I know there is a couple months till it starts but its always a good thing to remember what happened. I'm glad the group left Terminus safely, well after some heavy fighting but that's what they live for!

    I still find it funny that Eugene lied to everyone just to save his own ass. LOL I see why he did it but honestly he could of learned how to kill a zombie. Hence why Abraham beat the *squee!* out of him when he admitted it later on in the show.

    I can not believe Beth is dead! Oh my GODDDDD! That was crazy how it all went down in a matter of two minutes! I mean yeah sometimes I wanted to smack the *squee!* out of her but C'MON! Seeing how everyone reacted especially Daryl made me freaking cry.

    Now, everyone thought Alexandria would be a great place for the group to live out the rest of their lives. Totally wrong! Rick noticed things were kinda fishy seeing how Deanna made him and Michonne constables. Along with Carol noticing a woman named Jessie and her son were being abused by Pete, which is Jessie husband. Rick beat Pete's ass then kills the *squee!*er! Morgan comes back at the end and Rick just stares at him.

    God only knows whats gonna happen in Season 6. I have a feeling the Wolves are gonna be trouble. We didn't hear much about them in this season but I'm sure we will soon! And we all know that once the 8th episode hits, its gonna be a bombshell! Then we are forced to wait two months! Ahhh!
  7. So I've been playing Battlefield 4 for a while now. Well you see, I use to play on Call of Duty on PlayStation 3 and stopped playing video games for a while. Now I'm hooked on Battlefield! It took me a while to actually get use to it seeing how I never played on Xbox 360. I think I am getting better at it actually. hehehe. Assault and Recon Classes Baby! Battlefield Hardline I like but not as much and its on Xbox One.

    There is another game I started to play is Elder Scrolls Online! OH MY GOD! I use to hate it (Oblivion and Skyrim) because I would suck at trying to kill the evil things. In this, you have people that can help you if they are around! I remember I needed help doing a mission and I found people that were a higher level than me. In the game, the creatures have a little number next to their name. I stay away from any that are higher than me by 2 levels! lol Thinking about it, I think I'm going to play it tomorrow and Battlefield!

    Besides Battlefield and Elder Scrolls, I do play Midnight Club (360), Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash (wii u). I haven't played Midnight in a while, too busy playing Elder. I use to go back and forth when it was just Battlefield. Mario and Super Smash I play when its me, my boyfriend and his friends. Which now that I think about it, it has been awhile. lol Well it will start again when the Walking Dead returns!

    Thanks again!
  8. I can not for the life of me find a better job! I mean you would think I would find something since I am in a city and all. What the bloody hell! Apparently applying and calling to see if they got it is not one of the things I'm suppose to do. I call and actually get a hold of a manager. The manager acts like she/he does not care. "Oh, let me get your name and phone number and we shall call you back." UGH! Good for nothing people. I've been waiting for like two weeks for these stupid places to call back and have not heard anything! Not to mention, when I called every one of the managers were too busy typing and talking to people. WTF?!? For one that is very rude and two you just lost my business.

    Anyways, besides that going on, my turtles needs to go get de-wormed. The snapper needs it badly due to seeing a maggot in his water. Been cleaning his tank every other week and this is the first time I see this. See now this would be okay to do if I had the money! My boyfriend actually has to pay for it since the snapper is mostly his. The other turtle, which is my baby, already had her de-worming last year but probably needs another one. Don't need her to get sick and be stuck at the vet till she is better. Sigh...

    Thanks for reading my rant! It isn't much but its something stuck in my head!