So yeah, this is a thing I may or may not do every so often now! But ch'yeah, whatever.
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  1. Since the beginning of September, I've been a fan of My Little Pony for a year now. If you had told past me that I'd be into a children's show featuring cartoon ponies I would have, unsurprisingly, told you otherwise. Yet here I am. Somehow. Since my first episode I've watched the series, movie, collected a few of the toys (Though admittedly they're fighting for shelf space with my Bionicle figures), and even joined a community that shares my love of the series. I must say that it has been pretty fun too!

    Alas, a recent unveiling might pull me away from this fandom and towards another. Bionicle, something that was a big part of my childhood, is returning next year. While this is good news, I am kind of worried that it won't be as magical as I remember it being. The preliminary set images have already lowered my expectations of the sets themselves because they use the Hero Factory building system that I think is far too simplistic. Another concern, and probably my biggest one, is the storyline. Bionicle had a fairly convoluted universe and to make a long story short; a continuation is unlikely to happen. Which is kind of saddening, considering that no one will get to see where things ended up after the primary antagonist's death (Some online serials released after the series' official end shed some light, but were left unfinished when then the author switched focus to other projects.). With that being said, I will still try to make the most out of the new Bionicle despite its differences from the old Bionicle.

    Anyway, some important dates:

    ~ Oct. 6 - Kata's birthday!
    ~ Oct. 17 - Staff development day at Kata's school. (Read; a day off.)
    ~ Oct. 25 - This marks the day that Kata has been on EP for an entire year!
    ~ Oct. 31 - Halloween!

    Hey, I never said these dates would be important to you.