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  1. Well, it's that time of the year again, and in 6 days I'm probs gonna get nothin. Have fun guys!
  2. I'm making a video on bullying. I want to so I can spread awareness and try and convince more people to stand up.

    For this I'd just like to ask if some ponies could email me a few bullying stories. It can be any kind of bullying. I don't want you to if you feel uncomfortable with it. Only if you want to.

    If you got a story you wanna tell, PM it to me. Or if you just wanna talk, PM me as well.
  3. Okey doki loki, I'm back and hopefully blogging more often. Hopefully. I'll try and get one in weekly. Or daily if I can! But yeah, I'm lazy so I guess irregular blogging for me.

    Anyway, the teacher is yelling, I'm bored and banned from chat and I guess nothing else.
  4. I go into chat before I need to go to school for a few hours of fun, and both rooms were empty. The Somepony came in, but he just idled. Somepony needs to come into chat and RP, it's boring and I need to go to school.
  5. Ok, today I went to my grandmothers eightieth birthday party. It was fun, there was cake and everything! It wasn't comparable to something Pinkie could have thrown, but it was fun. Somehow, I got a headache. I usually blare heavy metal at full volume in my ears and I couldn't care less, and neither could my head. But somehow forty old ladies talking could.

    Back on topic, life is... ok for me. It's been a while since my last post so here we goes hey.

    My week: School, chat, RP, Omegle, Chatroulette, School, forums and then now.

    Hope you enjoyed.
  6. I am going to take a break from all my work. Why? Because I'm tired and studying something... let's just say most people don't approve of. It's not illegal in any way, but people hate it. Anyways, my fanfic is going good, exceeding 4000 words. It took effort but i did it. BYE HAVE TO GO TEACHHER IS YELLING!
  7. Hi EP! Little Storm Cloud here, and instead of doing tons of random blog posts, I’m going to make a brony journal. Only some of the posts will make it, but who cares! Basically they track what’s going through my OC’s head on during the day. The ponies are going to be based on the roleplays I’ve been doing and the roleplays have encouraged me to write a fanfic. Here is the first entry C:

    July 2nd 2012
    My first journal entry! Wow, I don’t know what to write about, nothing really interesting happened today. Well, all I can say is that I’m doing it on the computer my sister, Shadow, bought for me (love you sis <3 ) and that I’m starting school today. I wonder what it’s gonna be like? I’m really nervous but Shadow said it will be ok. I wonder what should I do tomorrow after my flight lessons? I guess I figure something out XD but for now I’m going to sit down, relax, and enjoy the ponynet while I can. Byez :p
  8. Basically this is me explaining my life. The bottom line, it is one of the worst lives to ever live.

    First, I have many mental problems, those being Schizophrenia, Anhedonia and many social problems. These affect the way I learn, live and breath. I have barely any friends, except on these forums.

    My family hates me and makes it an open point. Today when one of my only friends was at my house, she showed him a VERY embarassing picture of me when I was little. Poof. One less friend.

    You can imagine the rest, but for now I am going to write something I have been pondering.

    I have wondered, can how I live cause pessimism? The way I speak has an un-inviting tone to it, and anybody I talk to basically hates me. My life is full of apparently amazing things, but I only see the worst in them.

    Bye for now, I'll see you Tuesday!
  9. I started my fanfic, but I'm feeling very un-inspired. Not very good, if you ask me. So far I have, say, 500 words done, but nothing else. Now, I need to continue my school work.
  10. Yup, I'm blogging and posting and even RPing from school! It's what i use my netbook for now, and it's great. Except its breaking the rules. Blogs and forums are banned, but its not blocked so i can't get in trouble. I'm going to try and do a blog post daily now. Bye for now!
  11. I am starting a fanfic based on the roleplays I've been doing. Tell me if you want to be in it, my ideas are forming, and there are some really good ideas going through my mind. I'll start work immeadiatly. It will be name "A pony's life".