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  1. Now we're talking. So unless you live under a rock, today we had Nintendo's Digital event which had a lot of fun content to watch. If you live underground then let me tell you that E3 so far has been pretty good with Sony, Ubisoft and Nintendo delivering solid game content. Microsoft I didn't see because I frankly don't care about them. Sorry fanboys.
    I'll try to summarize some of the cool things of today's Nintendo showcase.

    So we start with the Mii Fighter joining the smash scene which I could say that some people will hate or love. Pelutena from Kid Icarus joins the fray and just minutes ago before the day ended, Pac-man will also be appearing. Weather it's cool or not, it is the battle of the retro classic mascots of the past.

    As we all, or maybe not all, know people around the gaming community have been wanting a new IP from Nintendo. Did Nintendo show a new IP this E3? Yes they did :omg:

    Not just one but several. The one that definitely is under my radar is Splatoon. Something about it just made me fall in love. With it's take on the third-person shooter genre, this the first time I see something Nintendo attempt that isn't with one of their classic franchises. If you don't know what it is then I suggest you stop reading and search it on youtube. As for the other new IPs or games, whatever you wanna call them. Project guard and Giant Robot which the latter I know for certain will win Game of The Year. Why? Well why the buck not?! It's awesome. Finally we will have the robot brawler we have always wanted since we were kids. Beating other customized robots is always a treat. Project guard is basically a defense game where you look through several cameras and shoot incoming waves of robots. Yes robots. ::S:

    Other cool things like the official return of Starfox. Coming to the Wii U in 2015. Not much was shown but it has been confirmed. Now if we can get them to make a new F-zero. Then we can live in great harmony.

    Of course there was Zelda, Smash, Bayonetta 2+1 (Yes the first bayonetta will be included in the game.), Hyrule Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles X (that's it's name.), Yoshi's Wooly world, and others.

    At day's end there was the smash tournament which was *puts fist close to head and then moves it away while opening hand and makes an explosion sound effect* That was worth the watch and worth a lot more than anything at E3 so far.

    I would like to put in here that Sony's conference was one of the best when it came to current-gen games. Yes current-gen as in 8th gen. We should drop the whole next-gen mumbo jumbo. It's annoying.

    Well that's all there is to say. Tomorrow I'll be checking Nintendo's treehouse for more stuff. Hopefully they'll show starfox.

    Now to play the real folk blues.
  2. Where do I even start? Not that I have a lot to say. Out of two subjects, I already passed one and I have until this Thursday to study for the next. Haven't done it and at this rate I don't think I will. I must if I expect to fill two full pages, front and back, in order to pass. Oh boy. My room isn't the ideal place for a study session.

    Last Friday I had my birthday party. I really would haved liked to invite all my friends from around the world but my aunt's house barely has room for 24 people. Next time I'll buy 6 pizzas because 5 wasn't enough. Also managed to get someone to bring Mario Kart 8. It was really fun. There was some drinking too but not enough to make a mess but unfortunately one of my best friends ended up puking after drinking a bit too much of Oso negro.

    I stayed up with my friends until dawn comparing parties, experiences, scary stuff. You know the usual talk after everyone else falls asleep. By 8 I was finally in bed only to be awaken a few hours later so that my friends that stayed last night could go home. I locked the place up. Then it was a long sleep to recover whatever sleep I needed. I woke up at 7 that day to do my community service.

    I recieved some gifts too. A "The Darkness" comic from my beautiful Waifu. A Pinkie Pie. An Applebloom card and a mouse pad with rainbow dash on it. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

    Other than that, there really isn't much to say. School was over since 2 weeks ago and I got a good grade on my exam last Monday. It's just been me lying on my bed doing nothing but Facebookeando and then going to park at night to jog a little. It's the gift that keeps giving.
  3. It's late and I still don't feel sleepy. Here is something I found out. Even if I wake up early, I end up sleeping during the afternoon. Past Friday, my cousin from Mexico came home and I got up early that day to go get him at the airport. We were both happy to see each other. As he settled himself back in his old room, I went to mine to snooze. I didn't have school that day and neither today so yeah. Slept like an old mutt.

    Tomorrow, however, I'll be turning in a project that I've been doing these past few days. Generally speaking it is done but it could use some work. Hopefully tomorrow the teacher will accpet it as it is. That and Wednesday there's another class and finally lab. I just don't know anymore.

    After months, there was finally a brony meetup which took place last Sunday. It was the best one in months. Pokemon, season finale, friends. It was really great. I was invited to go see Godzilla after but I had to overlook that school project mentioned earlier.

    I would like to mention that I have been feeling really sick lately. My guts tend to get upset every now and then. This isn't a case of having to go to bathroom. It's different. Just pain and a sickening sensation.

    Well I guess I'll get to sleeping now. Wouldn't want to wake up at 1pm. I'll just hum myself to sleep. Mmm mmm mmm mmm.
  4. Dang. Just look at that hour. 4:12 in the morning. If wasn't daylight savings it would be 3.

    That season finale was of epic proportion and action. Before anyone gets negative and start saying that they really are going astray with this action oriented finale, it's still acceptable guys. Why do I assume this because I know there will be talks on how this show is moving from G to PG or in this case Y to G. Or was it Y7? Whatever. Who cares. Just stick to the first season and don't bother with anything new.

    Oh and just so for those that don't know, the new characters aka the villain Tirek and his brother Scorpan, appeared in rescue at midnight castle of gen 1 which for those who did do their homework should already know.

    I have 2 weeks of school left and my birthday is also coming up. I'm already setting up a party to take place here in my aunt's house. My suppose goodbye party because I'll probably be gone come July.

    Now begins the long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long (you obviously get the idea) wait for 2015. A year where we will finally be in the future!
  5. Just when you thought I was gone for good ::S:
    Whatever, I just thought of leaving for a small while as I enjoyed spring break back home. I only got like 3 weeks of school left and it feels bad. Really bad. Heck, why care. I have had worst.

    Season 4 is almost over. Will this season finale be big or will it finally give us older bronies the last swing of the hammer to push that final nail into the coffin? Well I could care less what you all think. I'm still watching the show. Many of my brony friends have given up on MLP almost entirely now.

    Yes you could say that Lyon has been less involved around here and there. That's because Lyon is going through the chrysalis stage of his life. Everything around me is changing. It might still be the same to you but Lyon is no fool to change. Lyon has yet to adapt to these new surroundings but he will get there. Sooner or later

    I'm not going to write down what I've been up to because that would take much too long. I will say that I'll be back to typing more blogs after this one.

    My current location is home. Right under the roof of my parents here in Reynosa. Tomorrow I'll be leaving to return to Monterrey where I'll be alone for the remainder of the week. My aunt went to Mexico city for school reasons. Lyon is going to enjoy these seldom moments of solitude.

    If there were any readers that had been reading my blogs and had been waiting for my return then I sincerely apologize. What else should I be? All apologies.
  6. Whata weekend. So glad I got my friends to reconsider.

    Saturday night I went to Video Games Live. A concert showcasing the wonderful music of video games with Tommy Tallarico. One of my favorite VG composers. The list of songs that were played are: Castlevania, Mega Man, Halo, Journey, Shadow of the Colossus, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter 2, Kingdom Hearts. God of War, Metal Gear Solid, Skyrim, Silent Hil 2, World of Warcraft. Final Fantasy 7, Chrono Trigger, and Chrono Cross. It was spetacular hearing those songs from an orchestra. I recorded some of it but my cellphone couldn't record sound too well and it ended up distorted :sigh:. In the end they played Still Alive from Portal but the whole crowd chanted for a song from Zelda. It may have ended with us wanting more but all the songs mentioned were really good plus there were guest composers like Russell Brower (Blizzard), Eimear Noone (Zelda/Warcraft), Craig Stuart Garfinkle (Warcraft) and Gerard Marino (God of War). <---Yeah I looked that up hehe. In fact this page has a quick summary of the event so you can give it a look if you want here

    As for yesterday, convention time with my buddies from BroniesMTY. I still don't know how I managed to stay up all afternoon after Sunday morning's long session of gameplay. I left my friend's house at around 8 and got home some time at nine. I only slept for a few hours. I should also mention that we are finally up to speed with the time now. Sunday morning we set our clocks one hour forward. So now I'm going to be getting up very late these days. While at the convention, I basically window shopped. I only bought a few minor things for myself and took a few pics. I did buy something for my sister. I have always wanted too. Seeing how this might be the last time I might ever go to the convention, I spent what I had to buy her a gift. A friend of mine cosplayed as Casey Jones from the TMNT cartoon currently on Nick. He looked really bad-ass. There was also a retro Casey Jones along with him. The best thing of being there was getting an autograph from Kevin Sorbo. One of my favorita childhood stars. Not only did I shake his hand but I also was able to express how much of an admirerer I was to him. I was able to tell him that I loved his voice work in The Conduit and how it was so awesome that he voiced Hercules in God of War III.

    Not that I wanted to but I didn't go to class today. It was already late and I knew that I was gonna miss class anyway so I saved myself a day's trip. First time I miss Monday's class this semester so there shouldn't be much damage.

    Now to wait for tomorrow's Nintendo Direct on Smash Bros. I don't expect much but if it reveals a release date then I'm gonna have to start saving ASAP.

    Come this Friday I'll be going Home again for Spring Break. 2 whole weeks to unwind. I'll be returning on a pale horse.
  7. April starts with broken wishes and false truths so everything I see to be too good to be true isn't going to fool me. Shame seeing how that metroid prime 3D could have been a great deal.

    So before we start hurting other people's hopes let me lay down recent moments. School: whatever.

    Now the good stuff. TWD is over and this ending was, to me, anti-climatic. Just what does Rick have in mind and who are those people?
    Flim & Flam bros. make a re-apperance. Dang con artists. Nice ep anyway.

    So with April now here, it's smells and feels like spring break. That's all I can think of right now. Just more time away from the same ol' routine. I do say, it feels really warm tonight. Makes me want to sleep in underwear.

    This weekend is packed with a lot of activities. Convention and the Video Game Live concert. Sucks that they are both on the same weekend. Not sure if I'll have the money to attend both.

    On personal news, I've been trying to write down songs with inspiration from alternative bands from the 90s. It probably won't get me anywhere but I feel like doing it. Like many other things I would like to do but feel like I don't have time.

    There's always something in the way
  8. Yeah I'll be doing these on Mondays now.

    So where have I been? Back in Monterrey and last Friday's exam was...*no words*. Saturday I can't remember. Last week is also blank.
    I guess nothing important happened during those days...No wait, now I remember. I went to a party Saturday night and no I didn't drink that day. Had to drive myself back home that night. Sunday I went to a friend's house to play MH and today was just another Monday.

    Saturday's episode was pretty neat. Luna teaching Sweetie belle this time around. How many episodes are left? I've lost track on the episode number.

    what else...March is almost over. Convention is coming along. AF's day is almost here. TWD is nearing it's season finale.

    It's like this semester is so boring. Nothing great is happening as of now. I need motivation. Maybe one day I'll find it again. Time only knows.
  9. I may end up moving my blogs to Mondays now.

    Best episode of season 4 so far. Maud's lack of emotion is what I really liked in this last episode. I do say, this episode rocked. ;P
    MLP isn't the only show I'm watching. The Walking Dead is also on it's 4th season. Today's episode was a real shock for any viewer.

    In recent events, I finally got a haircut after 3 months. Other than that there isn't much. I finally played PoP Sands of time. The only PoP game of the trilogy that I never got the chance to play on consoles. Even though I playedit on my laptop, it's not the same accomplishment if I had played it on a console. WW and T2T I played on the original Xbox. I bought WW afterwards for GCN because I loved it. Sure many fans disliked it but it was still a good PoP game. The forgotten sands for Wii is also a good game.

    Don't have anything else to say. I'll ramble on next Sunday or Monday.

    Time Marches
  10. Day late and this time I forgot about it. I was busy finishing Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Great game by the way.

    Well everypony, Lyon had a fun weekend and a boring week. I might as well throw in today's adventure. First exam and it went bad. Now I must wait until Friday of the next week to present the next one. Until then I got 2 weeks of doing nothing : )

    Tomorrow I plan to go home. I don't know what I'll do but...hmm...what will I do? Most of my high school friends have moved on and my college buddies are the only ones that are active. That doesn't mean I've lost them. Facebook is there for that but...there also others.

    You know, I've recently had a problem in decision making. It's like I have 2 great options of having fun with family and friends but lately I've been denial in choosing one if the other is not chosen. This has to do with that past post about choosing between groups of friends. I remember last year I was in such distress that out of nowhere a friend asked me if me vale verga?
    Which is a way of saying "do you even care?". It shooked me because it came out of nowhere. I was going to choose in not going to the 2nd brony anniversary because of economic issues and the decision of going back home. I chose the latter but made it back to go anyway which I'm glad I did. But hey, why should I whine about this? It's one the best things in the world. To be told 'hey, wanna go out/hang out', socialize. What a blessing. Then why does my alter-ego call it a curse? That ego is the curse. That voice that tries to convey you into doing the total opposite of would be awesome. Why am I mentioning this? Well yesterday, Sunday, I was invited to go out but I had already made other plans of going with that Monster Hunter group to play. As I stood here in my room that day. Thinking rather I should even go. Endless questions circled my head. Should I go with my friends? Should I go play with the members of MH MTY? I wasn't told in advance about going out. I don't really need any help in MH anymore why bother going?

    It was like an eternal moment until I chose the third option. Don't go. If I can't choose then I won't. So I stayed in for the remainder of the day. My other self had what he wanted. Stay at home and procrastinate. It was raining that day so there's my poor excuse if anyone had asked. That was a bad Sunday but last Saturday was better.

    My Dad had come ffrom Reynosa with some of his friends to see the game of Tigres. I went with him that day and we won 3 to 0. Against the all so powerful Cruz Azul. We left the stadium with a smile on both of our faces.

    Yeah that's what I've been doing these past days. Anyway, this recent episode of MLP was ok. I've never thought AJ would go AS with leaving Applebloom home alone. xD
    So chimeras exist in mlp lore now. I'm still looking forward to each episode until they unlock that box.

    Ok time to sleep. I reckon everypony up north had their clocks forwarded one hour. Here in Monterrey its still one hour back. It's not until this coming Sunday that it's changed.

    Night everypony and welcome within.
  11. 2 months in. That was fast. March is here once again. I remember last year that this was the month that I was hyped for MH3U. Got it for my 3DS and just a few weeks ago I downloaded it on my Wii U. This year? I have no hype except for Smash bros. but it's technical. No release date as of now except it is believed to be this year. There are already some great titles but none that have that tag that says "Buy me!". I know Mario Kart will be coming out soon but I never buy Mario Kart. The only Mario Karts I have bought were from the VC on Wii and the original on SNES.

    In recent news, Exam week is coming up. Just one week of class before we get a change in our schedules and it's gonna suck. [Saturday] was a photo shoot of my generation at school. It was very special ^^. So many pictures taken and uploaded on Facebook. After that I went with my buddies to go eat and we even went go-karting. Funny that I should mention that haha.

    [Sunday], I went to meet with a group of Monster Hunter enthusiasts at Carl's Jr. Apparently they was an event going on where there were some conventions, people who use streetpass and this group decided to share space with them. It was a good time. We did some hard quests and got to know each other. I was new to the group and it was my first time going.

    To finish, The latest episode of MLP was rather cute. I get the sensation that some might not of liked it but hey, it new fan material. The voices of those breezies were really D'AWWWW

    I don't have class tomorrow but I do have an event that requires my participation. Decisions decisions and still counting.
  12. And we are back with more better news to soothe the ruptured soul. My week was that good ^^

    First, school which I'm sure non of my readers care about but I'll say that it is in good shape...ish. Did my community service yesterday and that's that.

    I've really been with Pokemon which I bet now everypony has already gotten their hooves on and beaten it. Lyon however takes his time by training the Pokemon he likes the most. Forget pseudo-legendary and OU Pokemon from smogon. I go for favorites and personal battle strategies. Strategies that many experts would lol at but Lyon knows his strategies. >:3
    Even if they fail most of the time.
    That and I have been going out a lot with my friends. Spent Saturday night a friend's house. Same one from the time before. Home made Hamburgers and mixed drinks. Delicious.

    Today was more quality time with a pair of my brony friends. I was then blessed of recieving Special pokemon from one of them. By Special I mean that they're pokemon with hidden abilities, moves learned from breeding, beneficial natures, and a few legendaries I didn't know of. Now I have just about every pokemon I like and starter but I'm missing mudkip and treeko.

    Yesterday's episode was all that great but I know several people who would be pleased with it because of SS & DT. New discovery are hamburgers in Equestria. Yum C:

    That's all I have in my head for now. February will soon end and new month will bring a new story in Lyon's chapter and his readers.

    Remember now, even if things get heavy we'll all float on.
  13. I hate getting sick. That's what I am here to talk about this time. Last Tuesday, I started to feel a very uneasy stomach and ended up going to bathroom and lose I had previously eaten for dinner. Whatever it was, I could not get a decent night's sleep. I ended up missing school on Wednesday and Thursday because I really didn't feel well during that time. Luckily I grew better on Friday and went to school.
    Aware that it was Valentine's day, I didn't have a special somepony to spend with but I did have Mah Waifu ::S:.
    I bought roses that day but I wasn't going to see Mah Waifu until Saturday. Come that day I went to see her and she gave me the cutest Glaceon plush you could ever see : 3

    Oh yes, that drawing I had mentioned last time, I put it up on facebook but it wasn't finished. Valentine had come so fast that I didn't get enough time to polish it. Fear not, I'm still working on it. If I do get it well colored and shaded, I'll put it up on my deviantart and share it with you guys. I'm no expect in coloring but I'm seeing from different sources how it should be done. Shading also important. Along with lighting. Meh, maybe one day I'll get back to my Contra 3 sketch on Art academy.

    Latest episode of mlp had those BM + Fluttershy shipping fans pleased and we even got flutterguy again. A lot singing too.

    For the record, Love Hurts
  14. Another spent week. It'll be 2015 before you can realize what happened in 2014. Last week was extremely cold. So cold that I had second thoughts of going out. I did regardless. Nothing fun to say except for yesterday's episode. It was the R & A swap. Hehe.

    There isn't much I can say for today. The only two things I can remember were the cold chill and that pending doom I get when I remember something I haven't done. I have to keep my head up. It could be worst but I have everything I need here and now. I wish I could get rid of this feeling of dread everytime something out of the blue arises. Dang them. Dang them all to heck.

    With what I have been up lately is just playing Batman:AO/Monster Hunter 3 U/Pokemon X/No More Heroes and just recently got back to drawing. I am actually coloring a drawing I made back in 2010. I want to have it ready and uploaded onto my deviantart for Valentine's day. Valentine's has never been anything important for me. Seeing others in love, showing it online, offline and know.

    All I have is my hand. My Hand of blood.
  15. A day late but that's ok. I don't have school today so I'll treat it like a Sunday.
    I was so caught up with other things that I just came home to fall asleep ASAP. School is same old, same old. Saturday, morning like 4 am, I left my Aunt at the airport. She was going to go visit her cousins and son in Mexico city. Leaving me alone for the weekend but I didn't stay home. Later that afternoon I went to a friend's house to see the game while eating Pizza ^^
    Then we played some W101 which has some pretty awesome multiplayer. Watched some anime, Fresh prince of Bel-air episodes, until we all fell asleep. Sunday morning we played Diablo 3 which also surprised me with it's own local multiplayer. At noon I came home and prep myself to go out again. This time it was with another group of friends. I had originally had other plans to go with a 3rd group but we never agreed on yes or no. I felt a little bad for not going at first but then my friend Pepe (from the 3rd group) called asking whether or not I was going. We talked and we agreed that it was based on bad comunication and a lack of confirmation between the 3 of us plus a bad call from the 3rd individual.

    So what did all this tell me. I don't like having so many different friend groups because there might always be conflict when it comes for me to decide with which one to go with. I don't mind having many friends. Having friends around the world is one the best things you can have. I simply don't like the scenario where I go to one group and give up on the other. To me it's like I giving the latter this idea that 'I have better friends to be with'. Which I make sure doesn't happen by going the next time they invite me and cancel the former group if or not they made plans.

    That's between 2 but I got like 7. Some more active than others while 2 of them are from Reynosa.
    If it's not groups, it's individuals too. Most of these get-togethers are on the weekend. Imagine when vacation comes around. Eyup, I got a lot of friends.

    Today I got nothing to do so I'll enjoy being home for now. Just gotta see what's in the fridge because I'm hungry like the wolf