Carson. His name, what he was called.

He has been alone, for his whole life. In the Everfree Forest. Abandon? Lost? or maybe a Survivor?
All he knows is how to stay alive. For his whole life hes been alone, never seen another pony or anything that would be friendly.
Hes learnt how to live on his own and what is in there.
The one thing he doesn't know, is languages, (how to speak/words) hes learnt sounds but not advanced to the ones that normal pony's speak.

He made his way to ponyville once, but for him it was weird. (so many of the same kind in the same place, eg wtf)

Name: Carson
Age: Unknown/maybe 15-25
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: N/A (im not sure about one what should it be)
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    I know its only basic...but i dont have access to all that 'fancy' shzz

    -only pencil, paper and my phone as the camera :/

    but i tried to color in....for once