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  1. Making these cause I'm going to LA tomorrow night! Hallelujah.

    The sun is bright. The pavement is hot. How long has it been afternoon? You forget.

    There is a drought. The water that drips from your sink isn't clear. It's pink and tastes metallic.

    You lay in bed. Hey, how long has that window been open?

    Also, a short message: BRINY DEPTHS
  2. I've been in a super good mood recently and it's pretty great, because usually I go for a long period of time without that. Tonight I feel especially joyful for unknown reasons. Anyways, onto some little small town things again. I don't know if people actually read them, or like them but I do it anyways.

    Nobody uses umbrellas, not because they enjoy the rain, but because it whispers secrets. Shhhh.

    You hear the frogs, the cars, and the wind, but you hear the nights you hear nothing but your blood rushing and clockwork heartbeat.

    Don't read the books in the restricted section of the library. Librarians are dangerous predators that know how to hunt.

    (That moment when heartbeat auto-corrects into CHICKEN.)
  3. I feel like there a certain places that just seem out of this world to me. There's like, used bookstores, playgrounds at night, school during breaks, your friends living room once everybody but you is asleep, lighting sections, inside a cabinet, and ponds in suburban places.

    Also, another short thing I thought up while in the car:
    "If you hit It with your car on the freeway, DON'T get OUT. That's what It wants. Just don't get out of your car. Keep going."
  4. You hear a howling. Too low for a coyote and too ragged for a wolf. It starts to sound like a shriek.

    The cicadas hiss at night, but they haven't appeared in years.

    The tornado warnings sound, but the sky clear. Everyone seems to have disappeared.

    During the summer nights, you hear the chanting. You feel eyes on you.
  5. Well, this is my first blog entry ever and I have no idea what to write. I wanted to start this and make once once a day or a few times a week to help me get back on this website. I might do some fictional short stories, or just tell you guys about the crap some of the people at my school do, like how somebody I know keeps stealing stuff from their classes (Markers, micro lens, etc.). Yep. Maybe I could get suggestions for what to do?