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  1. Disclaimer: I'm not trying to take a dump on all feminists, just the more questionable ones.

    All the same, I'd rather make it about losing a little more weight. Furthermore, how can one have a proper karaoke night without Journey? Get real, fam.


    Wait, what, how, what? If you let horses be horses, they will murder the chickens and sleep with the cows.

    article w/ video

    Yeah, I'm late to the party on this one, but I'd just like to mention that I'm supposedly violent by virtue of being a man, and yet I'm not advocating for murder of anybody, let alone half the human population. And... how do you keep the human race going without males exactly? Birds and bees? Anyone ever teach her that?


    That's what you get for having Apple products, son!


    PSA, in order: No it's not, yes we do, and nobody says that.


    That didn't happen. Stop it. Knock it off.

    All I have time for right this moment. Maybe I'll do it again some time when I get bored. Only reason I did it this time, after all. Maybe I'll look at MGTOWs next!

  2. We've all seen them. Be it at a social gathering, or within your family, we all know there are plenty of different types of drunks on the drunk spectrum. I've decided to throw together this handy guide, to help you go drunk-watching at your next social event.

    -The Horn Dog

    As the name implies, these drunks are there, not to hang out with friends, not to get so drunk they forget what real life is, but to get some tail. This drunk comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and genders, and should probably be avoided. This specimen is known to carry diseases deadly to other drunks.
    Be on the lookout for *squee!*ty pickup lines, impressive lies, and pseudo-sexy clothes.

    -The Hellbent on Destruction

    Anything for a good time. With no ability to make decisions, this drunk will often keep drinking until they pass out, they run out of money, or the bouncer throws them out of the bar. This creature also has a strange habit of drunk texting his or her significant other, making their morning hangover extremely awkward.

    -The Crier

    Almost always female, this type of drunk is good at one thing: Crying. They'll come up with any reason to do it after a few shots, be it a recent break-up, or their pants being on too tight. The best method for dealing with this drunk is to give them some food, or let them keep drinking until they fall asleep.

    -The Happy Drunk

    Drunk, goofy, and giggly. This is the most refreshing drunk out there. Down to dance, listen to music, or whatever, this race of drunks is the easiest to approach for most people. They may try to be your new best friend, but that's a little better than sobbing on your shoulder, and significantly better than our final entry...

    -The Dudebro

    Always a young male. Avoid at all costs. This drunk is loud, obnoxious, arrogant, and always looking for a fight. They're never very good at fighting, thinking having big arms is a good substitute for skill, and always being blackout drunk when they step up, but it can be exhausting to deal with either way. When they go into their strange battle mode, they will take anything and turn it into a reason to start a brawl, even eye contact. They never swing until they make sure all their fellow dudebros are watching. The dudebro yelling at his friends to pay attention to him is a great indication that a fight is about to begin.
    Observe from afar when drunk-watching. Do not wander too close, and do not speak with them.

    So, there's my list of the most interesting types of drunks. What category do you fall into? What are your favorite kinds of drunks that I didn't mention? Let me know down below!

    Don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe.
  3. So a couple days ago, my aunt was in town for a visit. I should preface this by saying this woman likes to drink. Like, if you've seen me start downing drinks, you know I can outdrink near anyone here, but this woman can outdrink me.

    Anyway. After a while, she has me go down to the liquor store to buy her a 12-pack of her favorite beer, Miller Lite. She knocks it out in under a half hour.

    She sent me back out to get her a bottle of Jack, which she killed in like an hour and a half. Woman was barely even buzzed. Drinks alcohol like it's water on a daily basis, so I guess it makes sense, but damn, she shouldn't even have a liver left, drinking like that.

    This pattern continued for about six more trips, until finally I snapped, "Holy *squee!*, what more do you need?!"

    She looked me dead in the eye, stone-faced, and replied, "I need about tree fiddy."

    Well, it was about that time I noticed my aunt was about eight stories tall, and was a crustacean from the Paleozoic era! God damn Loch Ness Monster got me again!
  4. I'm bored, and I feel like doing a TV Tropes-style page for an OC of mine many of you have seen me play, Azrael, the dead pony himself.

    Badass Bookworm - Has probably read nearly as many books as Twilight Sparkle, and has a tendency to reference them.

    Badass Gay / Manly Gay - He's big enough to make natural eye contact with Princess Celestia, a talented wizard, strong enough to throw Bulk Biceps across town, and he happens to love stallions.

    Berzerk Button - Anything associated with Discord used to send him into a blind rage. However, over the course of Maya's Bar, he's gotten more tolerant, to the point where he was able to talk with Discord himself, and only become mildly angry.

    Black Speech - Often requires... unsettling magic words when preforming necromancy.

    Blood Knight - Oh boy, does this one love a good fight. Enough to put himself in serious danger just for a challenge.

    Curb Stomp Battle - To most ponies who would challenge him to a brawl. In fact, it's been established that he has never lost a fair fight. Whether this streak will come to an end soon is anypony's guess.

    Dark is Not Evil

    Death is Cheap - It certainly was for him. He came back stronger than ever.

    Made of Iron
    - And how. Somewhere along the line in Maya's Bar, he found himself laughing and continuing to fight against fellow Blood Knight, Nightshade, after a massive skull fracture. Even with his status as undead, that should have been near impossible to come back from.

    Mighty Glacier - Not the fastest pony around, thanks to him being the size of a mac truck, but he just so happens to hit like one.

    Omniglot - Speaks Equestrian Basic (mother tongue), Kalblod, Japonese and Orlov fluently.

    • If you don't know, that's what this troper calls the Equestrian versions of English, Finnish, Japanese and Russian, respectively.
    Revenant Zombie - He is this, being resurrected with all of his memories and personality intact.
  5. Title.
    Quiz in question:
    This quiz has been around for a while, and it's always been sort of weird. I want to take this quiz, respond to each question, and give my thoughts at the end.

    This is immediately pretty racist. You can't really determine someone's privilege, whatever that means, by the color of their skin. Hey, I'm German-Jewish on my dad's side, can I have some of those cool minority points, Buzzfeed?
    I've been told I'm not allowed to speak on race issues because of the color of my skin. Primarily by people who visit Buzzfeed and pretend to want equality, when really they just want to silence white people.
    I think most people have, at least in the United States. When I was in elementary school, I was placed in a class for people who misbehaved, and I was the only white kid in there. I didn't even notice until I read this quiz, actually; nobody in their right mind is honestly analyzing the skin colors of those around them. Unless you work for Buzzfeed, that is.
    When I played on Xbox Live, I'd often run into people from the UK, Australia, etc. who would make fun of me for my American accent. Never felt victimized by it because I have a spine.
    Sorry, never visited *squee!* That Never Happened Land.
    Neither have most people.
    Been called cracker, kike, white bread, etc. Usually in a joking manner, which is fine, but a few times it was serious.
    Off topic, but why is it more okay to call a white person a racial slur than any other race? I think it's pretty terrible either way.
    I don't think I've met anyone who has, either, out of all the people I know, of all races. If we're friends, you read this, and you want to correct me, then go ahead and do so.
    I've got really long hair, so naturally, a few of my friends have asked to touch it. I don't feel victimized over it. In actuality, I'm pretty flattered. It's almost like people asking to touch your hair isn't a big *squee!*ing deal.
    I've also had people ask if the color was natural, which it is. Again, flattered; they like my hair.
    This one is more about courage than privilege. I happen to be honest and unfiltered, so I've never pretended to be straight when asked, regardless of any potential consequences.
    I guess telling my parents was coming out? But they didn't give a *squee!*, and I knew they wouldn't give a *squee!*. It's the 21st century, most adults don't care which sex you're attracted to.
    I'll give you that one. Some people do have bigoted parents.
    Shouldn't these two be the same question? They do vary by gender. But everyone has been called one of these, I'm sure, regardless of sexual orientation. Up to age 12, kids throw around the word '*squee!*' all the time as a general insult.
    Didn't we just cover this?
    Again, that's just a matter of having the courage to openly be who I am.
    Ugh. That's just called decency. You don't make out with your partner in the middle of a grocery store or whatever, whatever sex they happen to be. Not about privilege.
    Again, courage. This might be an issue for someone in the third world, but most people taking this are going to be living in a Western society.
    I don't practice a religion that discriminates based on sexual orientation. If you do, that's your problem, isn't it?
    LOL! I've also been told I would burn in hell for playing Grand Theft Auto. Name a trait or hobby you have, and there's a nutjob out there that'll condemn you for it.
    Are there people who say this? Let me know in the comments.
    In high school. Fortunately, I learned to hit back twice as hard. Really what you need to do when the school won't help; I learned at about 14 bullies tend to leave you alone if you stand up for yourself.
    Of course, at that age, kids will find anything to pick on you for. It's not that kids are homophobic as much as they're pricks. If I was straight, they'd have found some other reason to pick on me. What we need to do is teach them why they shouldn't bully other people. You know, raise them right.
    That's sexist.
    These should all be one question, I think. But I do agree that trans people get a crappy deal in society; that's something that needs to change. Though I'd prefer these people, who do have some influence and a lot of money, fund people to educate the world about transgender people instead of making silly, little quizzes and vacuous articles that are mostly image compilations.
    Well, it is 2017, and I do live in a first world country, so I'd be ticking this box here either way. Fun fact, nearly every woman I've ever worked with made a lot more money than me, almost as if they managed to get ahead in the workplace through hard work and time in the company.
    See the fun fact in my above answer.
    But I have been insulted by extreme feminists for trying to speak on certain issues white men aren't allowed to speak on.
    Once. Women can do it, too. Again, I'm flattered by the compliments.
    When I was 18, working my very first job as a janitor for a high school, I stepped away to use the urinal. One of my co-workers thought it would be funny to creep up and rub up against me while I was using said urinal. I did the sensible thing, knocking him off of me and finishing. It was uncomfortable, but I did not let this ruin my day.
    Hey look, it's the only thing Buzzfeed feminists really care about. It is awful, and no one should ever have to experience it. It leaves you with trauma that can be hard to overcome.
    However. There are worse things that can happen to a person. I've never been murdered, and I've never been permanently crippled. I could be much worse off, and I'm thankful that I'm not.
    Hey, I'm only 21, still a college student. No reason for me to hop straight into a salaried job right now.
    Legally, no, but that's because the poverty line is too damn low in America. When I was a kid, there was a brief period when we were poor, but didn't meet the legal requirements.
    Hey, I'm grateful I have the opportunity to attend college. I'll be able to pay them off when I'm done, it's not a big deal. If I were to complain about the fact that I got to go to college, I'd look like the biggest ass on the site. Buzzfeed.
    Not for the reasons you may think. I was on ADHD meds when I was younger, and they made me just not eat for whatever reason. Almost starved to death because some doctor decided I needed to be medicated. Probably have more experience going to bed hungry than the person who made the quiz.
    Not that I recall. Has anyone writing for Buzzfeed ever been homeless? I bet they know about as much about homelessness as I do. Hell, probably even less; I've worked in soup kitchens, talked to less fortunate people than me, heard their stories. I'll eat my words if this writer can say the same.
    Sure, but I still live at home. It wouldn't be very nice of them to make me pay for everything.
    I've got phone, car, some other stuff, and usually food.
    I do own a PT Cruiser, so public transport would probably be more reliable. However, I have visited big cities where that was just how people got around, no matter how well off they were. So I don't understand why taking a taxi or a subway train to work is a bad thing.
    Who actually does that? LOL. That's not having privilege, it's being piss poor with money.
    Aren't you supposed to do taxes yourself? I know I always do when that time rolls around.
    If you don't do it yourself, do tell me: Why? I always figured that was just how you did taxes.
    Poor is not an emotion.
    I don't live in an apartment.
    But I have worked retail, and that's just as bad.
    No. Believe it or not, Buzzfeed, I do not support slavery.
    I went one summer as a kid, lasted a week. I hated it. I don't feel more privileged for going to a place I hated.
    I never did fancy snobby, rich people school.
    I made the decision to stay in school. Imagine that. That's god damn work ethic, not privilege.
    What's an elite college? On paper, I'm pretty sure college is college. Also, couldn't this be a matter of intelligence? Get good grades, go to different school? Is this one about smart privilege? Is that a thing?
    Sure. But I'm going back to work towards a higher degree than what I have. Also, again, that's kinda work ethic, more than it is privilege.
    Nope. Going on student loans, which I'll begin to pay back some time after I'm completely done with college. That's normally how it goes.
    But not a license. Weird how that works.
    Why is that privilege? Some people like having roommates. I understand some people to it for help paying things, but this question never went into that kind of detail. Very general.
    Used to get TV from an antenna. Not the end of the world. At least I had TV.
    No, no and no. Why study abroad what I can study here?
    That was just me pinching some pennies. I need to lose some pounds anyway. Hue.
    That's just a matter of being educated. If you're taking this quiz, you have the Internet. If you have the Internet, it takes you 2.0 seconds to learn something new.
    I've answered this. Believe it or not, the United States has some absolutely stunning areas. The Grand Canyon, beaches in Florida, pretty much all of Colorado. Plenty to see. If I do wind up leaving, it sure as *squee!* won't be to take a prettier Spring break.
    Pretty par for the course. Two straight people mated, the female got pregnant, they got married, and neither of them are dead.
    Nothing too serious, at least. I'm a little overweight, and I have a bad leg, but that doesn't stop me from moving around just fine.
    I do have Asperger syndrome, but I consider that more a difference than a disability.
    Mild dyslexia and ADHD, but neither of those are severe enough for me to let them hinder me in any way.
    I struggle to watch subs in anime, and I read a little slower than everyone else. Woe is me. I'm so disadvantaged.
    Mentioned above, sort of, I think it's safe to say the medication I was on gave me symptoms of anorexia. You could count all my ribs by the time I was taken off of it. Funny how my inner fat guy came out a while after I was done.
    Hasn't everybody, at some point? We all get down.
    I'm sure it means suffering from depression, which I do deal with, but holy crap they need to word their questions better.
    I've thought about it. As in, what would happen if I did this?
    But I've never tried it because I came to the conclusion early on that 99% of the time, suicide is just a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I'd never put my friends and family through the hell of losing me just because I'm not feeling good.
    But I shouldn't have. But I was a kid, I didn't know any better.
    Well, probably. I am covered by insurance, after all. Watch as I rub in my privilege.
    I am a tad overweight, and I was too skinny years ago. I had a doctor take notice of these things. Should she have just not done her job?
    Why is realizing you have a health issue a bad thing?
    Well, of course I was. I was a kid once. It's natural.
    I think I have a nice face, and a pretty cool beard. My hair is also soft, and looks really nice when I haven't recently lied down on it. Self-esteem is privilege.
    I actually don't know the answer to this. If memory serves me right, I haven't been in to see a therapist since I was a minor.
    Why is that privilege? Why the actual hell would Buzzfeed writer Jen Lewis include this? So people who are addicted to prescription pain killers, watching their bodies and their lives fall apart, are privileged? THEY need to check their privilege at the door? Go to hell.
    Nicotine. Pretty rough addiction. A dumb one, too.
    Spend any time on the Internet, and you're going to.
    Surprisingly, no, not to my knowledge. I guess I lucked out; a lot of people in Indiana might as well have been air lifted right out of the Bible Belt.
    No, but I don't care. Shrug.
    People do that?
    Courage and honesty. Ask, and I'll always tell you.
    I'm sure they would if they had to. Otherwise, that would be illegal. But I've never even mentioned any of my worldviews to any manager.
    I look like I wanna punch everyone I see, of course I get a little freaked out dealing with the TSA.
    No, but I've only been through the airport like five times.
    My dad, on the other hand, always gets all his baggage searched, and patted down. Why? Is it a race issue? No. He travels around for work, and always brings a lot of computer equipment with him. For whatever reason, that makes the TSA nervous.
    I'm not a Christian, and I've been active on extremely right wing majority sites before.
    See above response.
    I don't consider some mean words on the Internet to be bullying. Dicky, sure, but not bullying.
    Identities? I only have one. Mister Asmodeus!
    Also, who hasn't been bullied?
    Could be the same question. But that's not about being born into an advantaged or disadvantaged situation, it's more about being okay with yourself as a person. Embracing your positive qualities, your differences, and your flaws.
    There was a period of time when I wasn't quite sure what my secxual orientation was. Now I know. And that's that. No fuss.
    I feel privileged to have been born. Allow me to briefly quote Richard Dawkins:
    We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born. The potential people who could have been here in my place but who will in fact never see the light of day outnumber the sand grains of Arabia.

    Not privileged at all. Bull. I was born. I'm alive today. I don't live in the Middle East or North Korea. I've been through some hardships in life, but who hasn't? It's part of being human. And at the end of the day, looking at everything, I'm glad to be here.

    I've always had some issues with the kind of community that frequents places like Buzzfeed. If you've had a good life, you should be allowed to be happy you had a good life. Instead, people who are well off are portrayed negatively, and made to feel ashamed of themselves. It's good to help your fellow human beings, but you can't convince people to do that by shaming people for being okay with their place in life.
    You're right. It's not my job to lecture people about their "privilege." That's annoying, and when it gets out of hand, can be kinda hurtful.
    People who've had a better life than me, I say good for you, more power to you. I'm not gonna sit here on my laptop and whine at you, telling you to check your privilege at the door. That's pretty uncool.

    So those are my thoughts on this ancient Buzzfeed quiz. Do you feel the same about it? Disagree? Let me know. Thank you.
  6. Hands are basically sea monsters, and fingers are the tentacles. Bruh.
  7. Totally said I would do this, then forgot. Just a quick rundown of all the users who have a character in the banner, so the new kids all know who's kings around here, yo. And in an effort to keep us from ever being nameless horses atop the site. >~>
    @A Jewel of Rarity
    @Crimson Lionheart
    @Mister Asmodeus
    @Ridley Wolf
    @Rockout E. Stringer
    @Toaster Repair Pony
    @Tyro The Fox
    @Queen Cerali
  8. Well, my gramma finished up her chemo and radiation recently. Cancer = gone. She's doing a lot better, which I dare say is miraculous, and words can't express how glad I am. She was technically supposed to have passed by now, but she was all, "*squee!* that!"
    Sorry for the hyperactivity evident here, I'm just so, so happy I haven't lost her. A few drinks were in order as well. This is cause for me to celebrate. Not sad drinks, happy drinks!
  9. So this happened. Never thought my town was so rough, but hey. I was walking down the street last night, listening to music, going to buy a snack from a store that's a few blocks from my house. Some guy walks by, and I glance at him because, hey, another person! This guy gets in my face and starts yelling, saying he didn't like the way I looked at him. I went to walk away, wanting nothing to do with this idiot. Suddenly, he pulled out a knife and tried to cut me. I managed to disarm him and scare him off, but I was a little shaken up. I did proceed to get my Funyuns, however, and I kept his switchblade. I told my mom about it this morning. After a while, she made a few calls, and informed me that I will be moving in with my auntie and my uncle in Bel-Air. I whistled for a cab, and when it came near, the license plate said fresh, and there were dice in the mirror...
  10. Anyone in the Skype chat already knows about this, as I had to sign out to cry like a *squee!*.
    My grandmother has stage 4 cancer, which originated in her brain. I knew she had cancer a few weeks earlier, but I never knew how far it had progressed until a few days ago. I know she isn't going to survive, and she likely won't make it to the end of the year. In fact, I understand she's been told she just has a few months.
    If I can help it, I plan on spending a lot of my free time with her until she passes, which will obviously mean less time on here for a while. After she passes, I'm not sure how I'll handle it, so I may need to cut off contact with everybody for a little while. This is typically how I grieve, so to everyone I talk to regularly, don't worry if you suddenly don't hear from me for a bit.
  11. (Peladophobian tribute? *shrugs*)
    Before we start, I advise you to get a calculator because... we're about to add *squee!* up.
    Chihuahuas have 2 eyes.
    You need to be 21 to drink Salty Chihuahua.
    9+10=21 confirmed.
    But wait, there must be more to this, right?
    I don't know, but let's find out.
    9+10 is 19 but also 21.
    21 is 20 numbers away from 1.
    Mischaracterizations has 20 letters.
    Characters. My Little Pony has characters.
    Princess Celestia controls the sun.
    Sun. Sun has 3 letters.
    Triangles have 3 sides.
    Illuminati is a triangle.
    Princess Celestia has eyes.
    Illuminati has an eye.
    Princess Celestia rules Equestria, just like the illuminati rules the world.
    Princess Celestia created the 9+10 joke to distract you from the Illuminati = confirmed.
  12. Might come off as a bit sappy. I'm also very bad at saying things like this. Please bear with me.
    I realize I haven't been here a very long time, but that shouldn't make me any less right in what I'm about to say. My time here has, thus far, been an extremely positive experience. I was in something of a down-in-the-dumps mindset when I joined up. In person, there aren't many circles where I feel extremely welcome, even within my own family. This place, however, seemed to welcome me with open arms.
    I'd name a few people that specifically come to mind, but eff it, you all do. Anyone I've had a conversation with. You've all made me feel like I belong here. I've yet to meet anyone here I don't genuinely like, and I have a hard time warming up to most people.
    So I know I've only been here a few months, but unless I die, you can expect me to remain for years to come. That's what was on my mind this afternoon.

  13. Here's something that gets on my nerves a little bit. Oftentimes I'll be having a conversation with a stranger, and out of nowhere I'll be asked, "What is your religion?" I'm honest, so I say that I'm not religious. 7/10 times, they will tell me that I'm wrong, I need God in my life, and explain to me why their religion is correct.
    This, to me, seems rather rude. Never have I gone up to a Christian and told them that they had to drop their faith. I'd be called arrogant and judgemental; the angry atheist hating on good, God-fearing theists. So I've always wondered why people like to try converting me. Maybe they want to save me, but my mind is clearly made up, and I need concrete proof before I start believing in a god. Maybe they simply wish to assimilate me. In any case, I truly do not understand these people's motives.
    Has anyone else had a similar experience? You obviously don't have to be an atheist to reply: maybe you're a Muslim and someone tried to make you a Buddhist.
    If you are someone who does this, and you wish to explain why, please do so. I won't be hostile towards you.
  14. Long story short, my little cousin just tried to kill himself, and I need a minute away from the forum. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone, but it shouldn't be longer than a few days. I didn't post this in the help forum because there's really nothing anyone can do. If you wanna talk to me, for whatever reason, just hit me up on Skype.