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  1. So, for the past two days I haven't been as active, and I should tell why. Recently my mother pulled a first and did a phone check. Alas, now she knows. About everything. Most of my friends, my exes, and the conversations I have had. And she's not happy. She was kind enough to let me text one friend and my keep my Skype open for two. So, I hate this. But if you need me, please just steam IM me. Please understand this isn't what I intended. I'm going to now lose friends, and all I did was cry myself sick today because of this, and now I won't be in direct contact. So again, steam me. Don't have my steam? Either PM me or just ask someone for it. If worse comes to worse and I leave, understand I will do whatever it takes to come back, because I love you guys and this is me happiness and my home. Good day, guys. I'll still be on, this isn't goodbye.
  2. I decided, since I have done nothing productive on this site except chat and sneak around, I might do a writing challenge. All I need is one word and a genre in literature. It will be a short story, for I am merely a schoolchild and have work to do. Lovely, right? Once I'm done I will get it to you as soon as possible (without messing up, I hope). Have an extraordinary life!
  3. Hullo. This is my first blog post, So I am gonna try to make this interesting. Yeah, I got nuthin. I'm a lyricist and a vocalist. Plus I am a writer, and I do plan on writing some fanfiction (later, I'm lazy). I also am accepting ideas for a writers challenge. All I need is one word and a genre, and I will write a story using that word and genre. Boring life update: I made more soap today! :magic: That's really all. Have a wonderful life!