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  1. And it feels like forever :I
    I've seen a lot change over the course of a year.
    From just the changing of the default theme (and how the original default never got changed after they made the winter theme xD)
    To the loss of our old RP chat (which made no sense to me anyway since you had to have a separate registration as it is).
    From the new people
    To the new chat
    A lot has happened in a year
    And it feels like forever :I

    And now to brace for comments on my writing ._.
  2. If it's done by an theist, it's the act of Satan, it's only racist if a white guy does it to a black guy, it's only sexist if a man does it to a woman, if it's done by a Christian, it's the act of a saint, and our opinion is the truth.
  3. It's been about a year since I joined, and I feel like I've been here forever. And then I did my long leave, and blogs are made... So yeah. This is new...