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  1. So, Everyone knows The Walking Dead game made by Tell tale, right?
    And everyone knows what Minecraft is...

    What happens when you join them? This!

    Basically, take away what made Minecraft famous, give it a story that no one ever wanted sine that is not the major point of the game and tada! You created a monster!

    But enough of this. Really, why do this. I like the tell tale games, but why do i with Minecraft? Just why?! That is not the point of that game! Urgh!!!

    Well, I just hope it turns out decent, but I still disapprove the idea of this...
  2. So, during the lets play Thursday with Tyro, he showed a Vinyl Scratch Amiibo that looked really awesome, and after looking around I found some more. Here are some I found

    You can not play with them, and if you do you will play with a character the it was made on. Sill, it looks good for collection in my opinion.
    So what do you think?