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  1. FOR THE FIRST BLOG IN FOREVEEEER! THERE'LL BE MAGIC! THERE'LL BE FUUUUUN! FOR THE FIRST BLOG IN FOREVEEEER! I COULD BE NOTICED BY SOMEOOOOONE! I'll never be noticed haha TAT ANNNYWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hi there~! I've been roleplaying alot and watching anime alot. That's the reason I've...
  2. Am I the only one that thinks that there needs to be a Just Dance My Little Pony Addison? Just me?
  3. I can't stop watching Equestria Girls....It's to addictive to me :L This is my third time watching's so stupid.... I can't stop being upset at Twilight Sparkle when she flirts with Flash. She's supposed to be with BlackGryph0n's OC!....well that's what I believe XD But it is truly...
  4. I was on for such a long time, I forgot about this place! :D But I'm back now!.....but will be gone for school CX
  5. Next week...Monday will be my...BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm going to be going to Build a Bear and getting DASHIE!!!! When my mom gives my my camera, I'll take a picture of her and post it....Hope ya'll wish me a happy birthday!!!~ -PrincessLunaX
  6. So this is my first blog entry...maybe I'll make more...but they might be on my tumblr, Question stereo heart. So if anypony asks me a question it will be on here --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ->