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  1. I'm back.... from dividing my time between school and being too lazy to participate in something as social as this site...

    But I'm back, because this place is awesome. I've got friends here! and I need to talk to all of you more...

    so, as a rather early new-years resolution, I shall try to stop being a lurker! that's gonna happen :derp:
  2. an attempt to draw Blackrose.jpg
    how's it look?
  3. I've been drawing a bit the past month or so. I'm not very good, but I think I'm getting better.....
    Cadence sort of.jpg Twilight, sort of.jpg female Azrael, sort of.jpg
    the last one is my attempt to draw @Mister Asmodeus 's Azrael's head

    opinions? constructive criticism?
    Berry Punch bro hoofs this.

  4. so..... I made a thing. I'm not sure what it is, but it's a thing. not a particularly good thing, especially since the DAW wasn't really all that good, but at least it's not terrible
  5. sweet Celestia, this movie was amazing.:omg: I just saw it, and I loved it! who else has seen it? I'd love to have people to discuss it with:grin:
  6. I have nothing to do at the moment, so why not make a blog entry. so.... I've got a new, super-cheap, laptop, and it's not letting me sign in with my actual email. so that's a thing no-one cares about. also, just because, have some pictures.

    Twi and spike pancakes.jpeg twicake.jpeg NightmareMoonrevengebyLyraSenpaiSketchBook-1584271431.png
    images (3).jpeg

    have a nice day! :3
  7. they've removed the S5 premiere, added in the finale, and didn't bother to add the rest of the season's second half.
  8. so yeah, happy thanksgiving everypony! I'm going to be spending the evening playing D&D, so this is already the best thanksgiving I've ever had, and then there's a whole lot of food, so that's even better. so, how are you spending the day?
  9. images (4).jpeg

    download (1).jpeg

    download (2).jpeg

    Chrysalis buddy pictures! anyway, I just felt like posting an entry in my blog, and felt like at east showcasing some nice art. this is probably going to be my thing, but I plan on occasionally putting some variety into this thing. so, how are all of you?
  10. before I found Everypony, I knew nothing about forums. now I love the things! I wonder how long blogs entries are supposed to be....... oh well
  11. I just started the original Fallout: Equestria story. as I'm writing this, I'm on chapter two. so far, It's AWESOME. the characters are interesting, the story so far is actually rather compelling, and the setting, though derivative, is really interesting. the pony who wrote it had IMMENSE talent, and I'm already getting invested in Littlepip, which happened ridiculously quickly. so yeah, this is an amazing story. Am I the only pony on here who hasn't read it before? If not, who else hasn't?
  12. so I decided to upload a few changelings while I try to figure out what I really want to do with my blog. here ya go:


    changeling spawn pool.jpeg

    chrysalis undead.jpeg

    images (2).jpeg

    images (1).jpeg


    advice would be appreciated
  13. Welp I have a blog. I'm going to use this for something eventually. for now I'm just going to write in it when I'm bored. Most of you probably aren't going to be interested in anything I post, but I'm going to write something in here every once in a while anyways, because why not? anyway, if anypony wants to give me ideas as to what I should write about, I would greatly appreciate it. signing out, Queen Cerali

    ... and the rest of my OCs