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  1. Its official I have decided to never share my problems with Everypony (I might but only because im pathetic) mostly for a few reasons 2 of the major reasonos are: I word them oddly where it sounds like im overexaggerating and 2 because some people on this website are just plain rude and I refuse to take their attitude. So yeah consider my last problem that I posted the last one... for now.
  2. Hey Everypony its me again I have a request. I decided to just post this as a blog so all drawers can see it instead of just one person. Anyway one of my fav mini mlp series on Youtube is My Little Portal its a crossover between the show and Portal. If anybody has seen the series then I need something drawn. Basically I cant draw and you could have your OC in the series as a background pony. The requirements are simple
    -You need to have your OC-
    You need a character from My Little Portal
    -You need a character from the show
    _they all need to be doing something together except they need to be dressed up like they are from other games
    If anybody can draw something like this for me I will be eternally grateful and I wont take all the credit when I submit the picture I will say
    "All credit goes to___ on (and any popther sites your on)"
    My OC is my Profile Pic but here he is just in case:

    View attachment 7103
  3. Okay if anyone remembers I got PASS for 20 days (although I may of said a week but it was extended) butt anyway I paid for a school trip to Six Flags which was 90 dollars and then a week before the trip they say
    "Oh sorry you cant go cause you were suspended for over a week"
    But anyway I can respect that (even if i think its a load of shert) however heres the catch they said they were gonna refund the money and it been 2 weeks and we didnt get any money back. What do you guys think?
  4. Hey if anypony wants to play Co-op with me on Resident Evil 6 on the Xbox my gamertag is Rerabox so if you want send me a FR and we will play together
  5. Daily Journal: Im pretty pumped because today I go to Dave & Busters with my dad im really stoked and nothing can ruin this day (oh no I just jinxed myself meh too late now) better part is that on May 11th I go to Six Flags for a school field trip and my dad is gonna give me the money to go im so happy.

    April 22nd
    Another peaceful day I had my favorite subject Gym however during science the douchee who sits next to me checked out my phone and pink case (it was the only one we had) and he said "wow you fricken loser why the hell do you have a pink case and what crappy game are you playing?" of course I ignored him but I cant understand him sometimes he will sometimes be nice yet other times be a jerk and Im not even friends with him.
  6. Hey everypony im playing Resident Evil 6 on my xbox 360 if you want to watch and/or commentate with me (more like give me clues) then add me on skype and we will chat
  7. Mad

    Me and this other person GrimDark were doing a one on one RP however I just found out he's permanently banned and now our RP is stopped in the middle of an event what do I do? our one on one RP was so much fun :,(
  8. I am officially 15 today (well in 2 hours cause its 10 where I live) and I just wanna say that I am glad to of found a great website for RPs and stories MLP related you guys are the best and I probably would be bored out of my mind if I never found Everypony. You all are the best friends a 15 year old can have and I all wish you a great day and may your future be full of happiness if you guys want to know more about me just ask me in the comments and I will reply no matter what the question is (just nothing TOO innapropriate okay?)
  9. I'm really nervous if any of you saw what I posted in the help section then well... you saw HOWEVER the thing I'm really nervous about is that no one will take interest in my ideas or let me into their RPs. I can't stand rejection and I'm afraid everyone hates me.
  10. Tyler chased the unknown pony into the Everfree forest. About a few minutes of running around the Everfree Forest Tyler decided to give up and go back to his tour bus. The only downside was that he had no idea how to get back to the bus.
    Just then Tyler realized that he should keep quiet just incase some dangerous creatures stumble upon him. Tyler then decided to retrace his steps he only remembered little bits of his path like how he passed a T-Shaped tree or how he came to a fork in the path. After a few hours of trying to find his way back he stumbled upon a familiar looking pony. Upon further inspection it appeared to be the pony that was running away from Tyler Tyler went up to it and turned her around. When he turned the pony around he saw a blank face. There were no eyes, no nose, no mouth just skin. Tyler then screamed however something was odd while he was screaming it seemed that the world was shaking around him and he could hear the faint sounds of someone calling out
    "Tyler wake up"
    Just then everything faded to black and all he could see was a group of other ponies.
  11. Hey every pony I'm heading to NYC with my dad to go hangout if you want to see or meet me and your in NYC look for a teen with a blue sweatshirt or look for my dad who's wearing a black jacket OR if you want to meet somewhere message me/comment
  12. I know people said not to make multiple blog posts but 1st thats why its called a blog DUH (no offense) and 2nd I cant merge this post with my story prolouge. Anyway the reason why im posting this is because I NEED somepony to draw for my blog cause i was just looking and i found out something really cool it was that many famous pony tumbllr blogs have gotten into extremely awesome tumblr events AKA pony prom and Vacational Death Cruise and after seeing them for a while I just realized that I WANT TO BE A FAMOUS PONY BLOGGER TOO I would draw myself but OMG am I a bad drawer i cant draw at all so if anypony is willing to draw and i will put a link to your Tumblr or whatever site you use I will be sooooo happy.
  13. Ive decided to not make a seperate RP and instead just make a little story

    I cant remember anything. Where am I? Who am I?
    Visions are coming back of a large black Alicorn and a group of ponies. I can remember only one of the members names: Charlie...... Somehow shes important I just cant remember.... and whats this? What the a small rectangular metal object OOF its heavy too. I wonder what this button does..... OH whats that noise? oh its just this thing it seems to open up *clicks open* oh this thing looks col I wonder what it is though. oh i can move this little hand around I wonder what thhis little icon is? *clicks on it* oh its umm... actually i dont know what it is but im just gonna hold on to it.. oh look im on something it looks like a picture.... hmmm whats this *reads* Messages? hmm I wonder what that is? hmm better leave it alone for now. I see a bright light.. I dont trust it OH SWEET CELESTIA ITS COMING CLOSER AHHHH....... hm? what the how did i get to this open field? oh look a table and a chair I should probably put this thing on it... What the who is that I can only see a pony not far away from here I wonder what i should do?

    PT 2

    Hmm something tells me I should stay away but any who
    I should probably... hmm what's that? A door? what's going on here?
    Just then a picture of an evil looking Nightmare Moon appears
    Tyler wakes up in his tour bus*
    Oh thank goodness that was actually scary... well no sense in staying in bed all day
    Tyler gets up and opens his bus door only to see a white mare running*
    Tyler then chases the figure into the Everfree Forest*
  14. What's going on it says there's a ton of members online yet nothing updates am I in Every pony LIMBO or something?
  15. Any pony know any RPs that go by fast? because I reply very quickly and the RPs I'm in seem slow