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  1. If I have offended anyone you have my most sincere appologies. I say things I look at later and see they can be taken as rude and so I delete them right away. I promise though they were never meant to be rude in the first place. I have no intention to be rude, in fact quite the opposite. With everything I do and say my motive is to make those around me happy, and keep them happy. Please don't let my words make you think i'm a bad person, or that I have a negative attidue.

    "From childhood's hour, I have not been As others are; I have not seen As others have." ~Edgar Allen Poe
  2. Okay I don't know if i'm doing this right but whatever.

    Basically a few years ago I was electrocuted when I went to plug something in.
    I got this really strong copper like taste in my mouth.
    Now whenever I am around electricity like I plugh something in or it thunderstorms close to my house the flavour returns.