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  1. what is your favorite Zombie movie and I have to say "Shaun of the dead."
  2. yeah the title explains it and I have to say Chupacabra

  3. yeah i'm just asking cause I've played Star wars the old republic and I fell in love with it:)
  4. If you had a choice would you be a Jedi or a Sith?
  5. Has any of you ponies seen or heard anything about supernatural creatures or something like that cause I just need to hear something?
  6. I was just exploring youtube when i saw a video called"The truth behind My little Pony" The guy speaking in the vid explained how Lauren Faust got the insperation for the Mane 6. The Mane 6 was inspired by six teen girls who commited suicide or were homicitaly killed and the 6 teens had they same personality as the mane touched my heart. It is indeed a sad video of how the Mane 6 came to be if you haven't seen it see it. it's a sad story:cry:
  7. hey can you tell me what does FTW mean cause I think it's "F That wanker" Can anypony tell me.
  8. I just got done watching Alien vs Predetor and I thought*Dang Jackie you could totally make an RP based on this*but I am not gonna put the same story line like in the movie I am doing it my way and you will be amazed. it's going to be AWESOME!:omg:
  9. Later today I was at my high school pep raily so we where all cheering then they played song I think called the wabble. anyway Every freshmen but not all of them went up and danced i was shy but I went up there a danced like crazy after it was over my friends keep telling me I danced awesome and funny i noticed a couple of people chuckling. Soo that made my day:smile:
  10. I have finally beaten Dead Space the game I have been scared to play ever since I first played it a year ago and a year later I am victorius I have beated today and soon 2 and 3 will be beat this I SWEAR!
  11. Wow this is the first blog I am doing and I updated if I have something exciting to tell

    (hey suzie if you see this that means it's your turn in Equinox:yay: