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Nov 30, 1964 (Age: 55)
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Princess of the Forum, 55, from Reno, NV

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Aug 27, 2018
    1. Luprony
      I haven't, no. The fact you mentioned that is was abandoned buildings that caused you to think of me has me intrigued. What exactly is it about? I can make an educated guess going by the title, but I'm not sure, and this does sound right up by street.
    2. Dilly Star
      Dilly Star
      I very thankful that I have access to so many communication devices. It makes life that much easier, in more ways than one.
    3. Luprony
      Climate gon' climate.

      Glad to hear things are going well enough for you. All the best in the job hunting; It's not easy out there, but it's not impossible. Just be lucky you're not an 18 year old in the UK such as myself, jobs are like rocking horse *squee!*e out here, honestly. Still, got to keep trying, no?

      As for me, I'm well enough. New house, new education, new start really. All looking up for now. Just need to keep that incline.
    4. Dilly Star
      Dilly Star
      People do drift... but I always try and check up on those people. ^^

      I almost always give up me time in favor of friend time, though I do have some reservations.

      I like your new avatar, but the way.
    5. Glitter Butterfly
      Glitter Butterfly
      Haha! I don't at all! Mostly due to the fact my skin is very pale and I burn terribly in the sun. >w< And yeah! When I went to Ireland a couple of years back, everyone was commenting on my accent! But yes, you should totally come to Australia!
    6. ePONYmous
      "Once she wins the lottery." I gotta admit, I lol'd at that one! XD

      I'd do a lot of things once "I win the lottery." Haha. A man can dream, can't he? ;)

      As for Derpy, that doesn't bother me at all. That's kinda how I imagined her anyway. She's literally the manifestation of derpiness. I don't know why some fans are disappointed in that, and some others, in my humble opinion, take it way too seriously by being "offended" by her character, but that's just me. I like her klutziness. ;)
    7. Dilly Star
      Dilly Star
      It's important to take time for oneself, of course, but my time is best spent in the company of those who make me smile. I don't exactly have a goal beyond being able to share love and friendship with those people. Is that okay? I don't want to find that those people have drifted away from me, or I from them.
    8. ePONYmous
      Hey Dwynter! Things are okay. There's been snow here a few times already. Nothing major, usually ranging from a dusting to 2 inches. Even though winter is not nearly over yet, I'm always ready for it to "wrap up." There's snow on the ground right now as a matter of fact, probably an inch or less worth.

      I liked Derpy's voice. I'm glad to see that the name "Derpy Hooves" is now canon. I'm hoping to see more episodes with her talking and maybe, who knows, a Derpy episode? :D
    9. Dilly Star
      Dilly Star
      Hey Dwynter! It's going well!

      Direction? I would say of direction that the fish in the stream directs only his motion, not the motion of the river. To swim with the current, against the current, or at all is a choice. So your direction is given to you by your own actions. Epictetus says, " First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do."

      And I still say my friends and I would pay to see that movie.
    10. Double Rainbow "Dash"
      Double Rainbow "Dash"
      Eh, not really. Depends if they constantly do it.
    11. skyfire
      itz all good bro!!!
    12. skyfire
      but it iz funny...LOL
    13. skyfire
      gtfo bro LOL ..........................NOT FUNNY!!!
    14. RonstaPony
      Please don't do that again :\
    15. skyfire
      lmao -_- i got gravy in my magical hat!
    16. skyfire
      got gravy bro?
    17. Echoax
      Last big blizzard I had was like 5 years ago.

      Insomnia sucks. I had it or something like it for about a month and a half. I just lay there for hours, no matter how tired I was I couldn't sleep. If I did fall asleep the slightest noise and I'm up for the rest of the day.

      I do hope you get rid of it soon.
    18. Echoax
      Thank you and now the waiting begins.

      so how you been?

      Where you at in that picture, looks cold, very cold.
    19. HarleyCyn
      Winter Moon Celebration anypony? x3 Hehehehehehe, I'm totally a winter child too, in terms of liking the cold, but not so much the idea of snow. icky :3 Thanks for the birthday wishes!!
    20. fireheart508
      Hm, perhaps we've met... I have trouble remembering things. xD
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    Nov 30, 1964 (Age: 55)
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    Born in a log cabin - OK, so it was a hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lived in the Bay Area most of my life, until I lost my job, and my father suggested Reno. Biggest. Mistake. Ever.

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