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Dec 21, 1992 (Age: 29)
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A wild Harlachu appears!, 29, from Southern California

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Nov 8, 2017
    1. The"S"Brony
      Part 3:
      You say you like to write and read when you`re not stressed, so here you have the obvious (and totally never-asked-before) question:
      What genre do you prefer most? Or maybe a mix of several different?

      Curiosity strikes again.

      Read you later!

      last second note: I`m sorry for any spelling or even grammar mistakes, and if something is not understandable just ask. I know I`m not perfect :-D Bye!
    2. The"S"Brony
      Part 2:
      Oh, and about roleplaying: it wasn`t live-roleplay, was it?
      Yeah, Everypony becomes something like a hobby, too. Wonder why... :-D
      Aaaand sports, well. Not that much. I once played in a soccer team (4 or 5 years, by now I totally lost interest in this) and did judo (a year or so, the group was about kindergarden age, so it didn`t make much sense of learning there). Now I love to practice archery (good thing the surroundings here are perfect for that purpose!) and also the movement of live-roleplaying events keep me fit :-D (competitive gaming: nope. I don`t even join "rushs" in Guild Wars 2. I prefer enjoying the scenery xD)
    3. The"S"Brony
      Now as we`re talking about it, I remember I was once a horse-back-rider myself! Wow, must be 12 years ago by now or something like that... But what I do remember is that the horse was white, and not very tall. Maybe a pony, I don`t know anymore.
      Anyways. If the world of ponies wasn`t named Equestria, I had to ask you what "Equestrian" means. Ha, saved one question! :-D
      But I think I can imagine how it must`ve been to not be able to do your favourite hobby for a whole month. Though this makes it even better that this hiatuas is over, right? :-D
      When it comes to games I prefer (who would`ve guessed?) RPG`s and RTS games. Big favourites of mine are the "Gothic" series (you`re from America, so I don`t know if you`ve heard of it...) as well as the "Assassin`s Creed" games. Except for Skyrim I have never played anything from your list xD Somehow I think this is kind of funny :-D
    4. The"S"Brony
      Well, actually I have a lot of hobbies (I guess, don`t know the standards). There would be, as some examples reading and writing, creating my very own fantasy world (which has to do with the job I would like to do when the time is right), doing roleplay in various varieties or just simply walk through the nature. There would be more, but probably that`s already enough :-D
      And what about you? By your profile I can tell that you like horses and appearently also gaming (which is awesome, by the way xD), but, you know, these good manners require me to ask you too ;-D (and also I`m curious if you have more hobbies!)
      So far, wish you the best!
    5. The"S"Brony
      Thanks for asking, but there`s nothing worth of mentioning, which means that it was quite boring (but I`m used to that xD).
      Sooo... now that we did the common small talk, we need to find some topics to talk about if we want to go on with this conversation, right? If so, do you have any? :-D
    6. The"S"Brony
      Doesn`t sound that bad! Nice to hear it went quite good :-D
    7. The"S"Brony
      Ok, agreed :-D
      So, was your weekend as great as it was expected to be? :grin:
    8. The"S"Brony
      Wow, you hardly even know me, but still you are saying that! I feel honoured! :-D
      Talking a lot is a good thing, I like to do that too. Mainly because there not many persons I can talk to, so I have to talk a lot on the internet xD Makes sense, right?
    9. Zephyr Wind
      Zephyr Wind
      Ok, then a big pack of cookies for you!

      I mashed it against my screen, hopefully you got it. ^w^
    10. The"S"Brony
      Woah, that`s a lot! Wish you the best for everything, primarly your health! :-D
    11. Zephyr Wind
      Zephyr Wind
      Thank you very much Harleykins. :p

      I owe you a slice of cake! :3
    12. The"S"Brony
      My return shall not only be glorious, but of monumental greatnes!
      Nah, just kidding xD
      The EP-Greenlight sounds interesting, will look up some detail once I finished my daily studying of economics. Good thing it`ll be over by wednesday.
      Aaaand maybe I should start to use at least twitter. (Yes, I don`t have any accounts on any social networking sites)
      As far as I remember, I`ve only been in the chatroom once. Are you sure you`re writing to the right person? ;-D But thanks for the compliment, I`m trying my best to stand out in a negative way :-D
      And for my weekend, well, part studying, part recording, part Skyrim... And this evening probably some developing. As for sunday... I have no idea.
      May I ask you the same question? And add something? Like this:
      How`s your weekend so far, and is everything else alright? :-D
    13. The"S"Brony
      Oh, that`s so nice from you!
      I`ll definetely will not leave for a long time anymore ;-D
    14. The"S"Brony
      Hey Harley! Didn`t expect you to write me a message, but therefore I`m even more happy that you did!
      To cut things short, I was veeeeery busy the last weeks (or months, I stopped counting xD ). And because everything seems to be fine again I`ll be around here more often again.
      Thanks for the visit! Really made me smile! :-D
      Have an awesome day!
    15. Zephyr Wind
      Zephyr Wind
      You think you sleep? I think you need the bathroom. x3

      KeyBladder is a better name anyway!
    16. Grey Knightmare
    17. Placidzone
      Yea, sorry about the chat last week. Teacher had me turn of all things that didn't pertain to work.
    18. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      I'm not really around as much I should :/
    19. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      Good to hear it! :D
      GJ on the community post btw, nice and long!
    20. Bounty
      The soundtrack, the characters, the places, the uhh.. think guttermind...
      Alex the Blacksmith is still awesome! They changed how he looks a bit but hot dang he's still so METAL, dat ride! And he has a chaingun! and he left his old station but he's still on the red line!
      There's gangsters... there's the reds... there's the fascists... and even HANZA gets more of a show this time around!
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