The Last Human in Equestia

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    A Pegasus lays at his deathbed, body thin with age, mane and tail now a silver from the once two tone grey. He felt he had lived a good life, although it had a difficult birth he is surrounded by love ones, a loving pegasus mare and his three daughters. He passed painless from the peaceful world to the afterlife where he can watch his family grow up and see the grandfillys and foals he would never meet. As they cover the body they open his last will and testament, finding a simple key and the location of its lock as well. At the base of the 'Statue to the Lost', a hidden piece locked away in the castle vaults, the lock guards just a small box which homes an almost stone plate, not very big. The plate is studied and found to be able to open much like a clams shell just to reveal a blacker then night screen and a many button like pebbles, also a note simply saying 'This was how Equestria was made'. A large round pebble with a marking of a 'O' that was cut across with a small line that just said 'push me'.
    The following Dairy was taken from the stone plate as its works filled the once black stone with white and words like a normal book found in a common library.

    Day 4

    Yea, ok, you start a dairy at day one, but I've been on the run for the last 3 ok? And just keep an eye out for my bad grammer since I think I will not be finding it of any importants for a good while.

    Ok, a while ago, something happened, something I am part of turned on the world, it was first thought to be terroits attacks, but it wasn't.
    The take over has started it seems, the human race is coming to the end and I fear I almost the last one yet to stay human as the Radio went quiet yesturday in chat members and the day before they wanted to know where I was, it was safe just to lurk and watch the updates.

    But they started to change the Earth, the bronies...are turning into ponies...someone found away, it was shown live on the hub them turning Lauren Faust into an Alicorn, ok, it was awesome, but scary, thats when I knew I had to run, we were all on the list.

    Everywhere I stop, there is a list, and I am on it, either my online call name, my OC's or just a general breif about me, heres one I saw as I ran though London on a brony board listed by on of the DJ's from the radio
    'He usually to the point. He tries his best to be smart, but sometimes can come off as arrogant. Has tendency to troll every now and then, but a good guy at heart.
    As far as I know, he rides a gold motorbike and loves old cars, from south england I think as well.

    Please help us find this brony, he is lost and needs help'

    I'm now on a boat out of England, they got my only real life brony friend.

    Day 8
    Ok, been at sea a while now, everyone is panicking on the boat, all ports have been put under brony lock as its been called, and are calling in boats from the sea, me and another biker are going to make a break for it once the boat hits land.

    But while i have some time and a charge point for the notebook, I'll fill you in...
    Ok, after season two finished, the brony following, was well....a tad large and smart, they got magic figured out, and genetics they could turn Earth into Equestia, and so the uprising started, slow like a zombie infection, but started to take its toll as one army shrunk and the other grew.
    Meet ups were planned where bronies could go to change, and they dragged loved ones, friends, to be changed.
    I am one of the few bronies that ran, and now what's left of the human race is being destroyed for this 'madness'?.
    This was a month ago now, and my follow bronies have been looking for me, want to know where I am, what 'brony camp' or if I have been turned yet although few can talk after being turned. To say that i wasn't at one brought sadness and anger to the chat room for the fact that they felt a brony was being felt behind and they would send out help to get me.
    My home town came under attack and the humans were rounded up like sheep, in the spare moments I had left, I packed up my Fazer and felt, avoiding capture, they gave chase but never caught me. That was 8 days ago now. I started this Dairy to records the last moments of my life I'm guessing
    The boat is being pulled into a port, the other biker is planning our getaway onto the new land

    Day 16

    I have no idea where I am.

    Day 18

    I think I am now in the states...or Europe

    I have no idea anymore, they have changed the planet so much slowly returning it to a natural state before humans were even here, and boy are they acting quick, its like Mad Max in the forsets, roads are still about which is good for me and my Fazer, the mileage keeps climbing as I look for safety.
    I. Am. Still. Wanted.

    Day 26
    I am crap at writing dairies

    Day 30
    Found a forset with an US army truck and petorl station at the heart of it.
    The station is well stocked and I can use it as a base.

    Day 38
    I am kinda in Equastia Central I guess, there is a mountian north of me with what looks like Cantalot on it, this is not good....

    Day 45
    Scouted out the area of my petorl station, there are small villages in clearings, full of bronies...I don't know what to say.

    Day 46
    I've sneaked around a local village at night, got a map of the area now, and some news. They say the final humans are going to have their fate decided by the council.
    I'm no longer on the list of the missing I think.
    Must get to Cantalot for their fate and peek into my own.

    Day 50
    That was hard....
    I never like ridding at night and with the lack of roads, the Fazer is not coping, thankfully it seems not many ponies travel at night and thoses that do, do not want to stop a speeding motorbike.
    I spent two days in Canderlot hiding below their noses, the bike was well hidden while I scoped about. Found out about another human settlement south, try my luck.
    But what they are doing mad. Reminds me of a bad old joke, Poontah or Death, and the punch line is its poontah then death......
    The humans that agree to join the 'herd' are turned into a pony, unicorn, pegasus and homed, ones that refuse...well.....are used to rid the earth of the humans and change it to Equestria using their life was like reading 'Rainbow Factory'.

    What have the bronies done.

    Day 52
    Gotta leave Canterlot soon, having to many close shaves for my liking and had to move the bike 3 times and sooner or later some pony is going to notice the tyre tracks.
    Also saw the alicorn that once was Lauren Faust , she was chained up...sorta.....she wore a crown like Celestia and Luna but it was a dull metal and her bracelets where joined by chains. She looked so ill and thin, I don't want to know what is going on in her mind.
    How did we get Celestia? And Luna? Do we have the mane six lurking.
    Looking on theses maps i have stolen,I should past Ponyville to get to th---

    Day 54
    Well....the last few days have been...tad full if chaos.
    First. I get found mid dairy entry,
    Second. The bike gets found.
    Third. I am now a mare napper...I don't even know how I even did this one.
    Well, I got found and I ran to the motorbike which sods law states had also been found, thankfully cornered off. Some dodging I managed to get to her and escape.
    Cobblers are not fun to ride on at speed....mind you, I would of guessed that.
    So heading back to the forset, 95 engine horses vs maybe earth 7 that gave chase?
    Guess who gave out first.
    I managed to get back to the forset and when I saw that I had a pegasus hot on my tail, no where to go other to the station so I pushed on.
    Some how I made it back but in the chase, the pegusas knocked itself out on a tree and crashed into the side of the truck.
    It was a risk I couldn't take, I had to...

    Day 55
    Her wings are bound like her legs, I'm tempted to gag her as well.
    Is this sods law? Or Fate?
    She knows my name.....not my OC, or my Brony NAME!

    Day 57
    They are looking for me, or the pegasus mare. I see and hear them in the forest, they know the petrol station is in here, also stocks are low. Its time to leave. The Truck is a okay and sound, there is somewhere else south...near Ponyville....

    Day 60
    I GO!

    Day 62
    Got here a day ago, they didn't try and stop me...
    Who wants to stop 7 and half tonnes of US Army Truck?
    Its like the petorl station, strangly untouched by the bronies...can they not do anything to petorl stations?

    Day 63
    There is a 400 trails bike here....I've always wanted one
    And the mare is good company nice to talk to, she won't tell me who she is thou.

    Day 64
    Found Ponyville, will look at later.

    Day 66
    I know some of the ponies....I mean KNOW, and saw the Black Lighten Bar, Raindrop, Foxytail , Flash, I almost saw them all.
    And the 6.......

    Day 74
    … has lost all meaning.....least the pegasus mare beings saneness in this dark world.

    Day 75
    While hunting around Ponyville for some supplies a filly caught me, I had to shut her up, I had to take her with me. They cannot know I am lurking not far from them.

    Day 78
    So after becoming a pegasus mare napper and now a filly unicorn napper, I decided that yesterday I should go the Black Lighten Bar and steal me some boozes.
    Thank you RAINDROP! THANK YOU!
    Black Thorn Cider....
    Got me a pig and had a nice spit roast.

    Day 79
    I gotta move in a day or two, the ponies know I'm in here because of the filly and the fire I had to cheer myself up, but there is not much left, so the bikes are strapped down in the back the truck with as much as I dare to carry, heard words of more humans south of me. Gotta get rid of the pegasus and filly first.

    Day 82
    Well....3 days been on the go now.
    Drove thou Ponyville with the truck, saw a Rainbow mane coloured Unicorn who I chucked the filly at. Think her name was Pixel Hope. And kicked the pegasus out of the truck as I screamed the truck round the I guess 'Village Hall' and raced out of the town to the south.
    The truck has been doing 40mph ever since.....
    24 x 3 = 20 x 3 + 4 x 3 = 60 + 12 = 72 miles...?
    72 x 40 = 70 x 40 + 2 x 40 = 4x7 = 2800 + 80 = 2880 miles?
    2880 miles? big did I make that fuel tan---

    Day 83
    Had a run in with some bufflo yestureday.
    Got the truck on 2 wheels avoiding them before sending it into the ground, thankfully no bufflo was hurt.
    But......a good friend has past on.
    I will miss you my Fazer, you were a good steel horse.
    Her straps broke causing her to fall from the truck bed to the moving ground, the fairing is gone, the forks and frame are twisted, the back is...wreaked...she is dead.
    I thankfully brought the dirt bike with me, some how knowing I needed it more then the Fazer and she stayied strapped to the truck bed.
    First thing in the morning I leave for what has been dubbed Humanville.

    Day 84
    Thank god for Sat nav, never thought I would say that, or find one, or get it to work. Guess we still have satellites. It was random, in the middle of all this greenery, a car, with a working sat nav. It says I am in the middle of a lake...that can't be right...

    Day 85
    Got chased into a forest by some ponies, then chased back out by something bigger, spending the night in a cave.

    Day 86
    Found Humanville....its worse then cupcakes here. this what it would be like if zombies were here?
    This place staved to death then.....well...I see, skulls....picked clean.

    14 complete bodies and another 18 not so complete.

    All I can guess is a group of families pack themselves here and tried to stay human...till the food ran out then started to eat....each other.....

    How nice...a printed off copy of 'Cupcakes'....brillant, so long sleep.

    Some one is still here.

    Day 90
    She had blonde hair....made pink by the blood....I wish I was in a land of zombies, it would make more sense.

    So...3 families tried to protect themselves from the 'brony attack'. Humanville was born, food was and is still plenterful, so is fuel, internet still works...just....I guess daughter dear went nuts. I've buired all the familes and the girl...

    and the poor pony scout she choked on when I turned up. Guess thats why they let me come here, they knew what was out here?

    Day 95
    Will I die if I change? Will they change me?

    I think I see a pegasus........

    Day 120
    No change, going mad.......

    Day 130
    Nothing to report, found a nickel by the way

    Day 135
    Stop your beeping!

    Day 139
    The beeping stopped and you died!? WHY!?

    Day 142
    I found the internet again, its just full of rubbish or the list of the missing, my name is repeated
    Randomly Ebay is still working as do all the pony sites.

    Day 145
    No more internet, they found me, every page just said

    Day 150
    They are working fast, they are on their way here, the world is slowly becoming thiers, I am the last human in Equastia.
    I seem to have fallen into some building madness as the dirt bike is now a plane.......sorta.
    It seems air worthy and the generator powers the propeller where the bike just provides a seat and controls.

    Day 160
    I read back at the things that have happened....I questioned whether I have died or not or with I will....but if I am the last human. Then I have died. I need to find that pegasus mare again.

    Day 172

    Day 173
    I appear to be joined by some pegasi up here. I think I know some, there is a white one with a black and red mane, and a pink one...vivi pink with a well rounded stomach or she is carrying, few more I know. I think.

    Day 174
    I'm gliding now, the main engine gave out, so kicked it off the plane. I now have new pegasi following me, white with cream and pink mane, white and ice blue mane, blue with a black mane. Hell, even that mare turned up again, its nice to see a face i know

    Day 175

    Day 179
    I'm in a dungeon, they are deciding my fate...they have not fogotton me, as I was dragged to my new home I saw a statue to the bronies they had lost, there were many names, all but one crossed out, which was then scatched over the place in a larger font. They had missed me, and they wanted me......
    The statue was the Fazer, still a wreak, but below it said
    'To the British Brony Biker. Be his memory in this Steel Horse'
    How nice.....of them........not to give up on me.......

    Day 190
    They have decided my fate.
    -----That mare was there too, such a lovely brown mane and red coat.
    Tomorrow I will die......
    -----She said her name.
    The last human will die.
    -----Her mark was a
    What will replace me.
    -----Pair of ballet shoes
    Today who dies?

    Day 203
    The Sat Nav says I'm at Mt Rushmore.......

    Day 252
    I didn't have to run......this is going to take some getting used to....
    Still doesn't compare to a motorbike but I can make the route up now
    I shouldn't of run.

    The world is a better place now its Equestia.
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    Awsome story love these types of twists, they make it worth while.
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    none at the moment
    a house with windows and doors
    i hope this really hapenes one day

    cool story though
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    Taking place
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    So, we have a journal type story, with depressing plot, people being insane, hiding from ponies, and other assorted madness?
    Good! We needed another like this.

    Also, cool story bro.
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    gave it a revise, please enjoy :smile:
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    This is great,this really should happen :)
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    I really love this.
    It should happen.
    Cool story bro.
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    PONIE APOCALYPSE RUN!!!!! towards them! great story
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    I had this in my dream once... WEIRD.
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    That's depressing, I never looked at being a brony this way... so sad.

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