My Top 10 Best and Worst Movies of 2019

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    10-The Lion King

    This movie is just a carbon copy of the original movie, with realistic animation. It's lowest on the list because, well, the script is good (since it's pretty much the script of the original movie, and the original is good) and the voice acting is great, it's the animation that it's the problem. It's too realistic, too well-animated, meaning the entire movie suffers from it, since the original movie was written with less realistic, more cartoony animation in mind.

    9-Spider-Man: Far From Home

    This movie was just terrible. It was full of terrible, cringy humor, and everyone in this movie is an idiot except Mysterio. I don't like how the MCU handles Spider-Man, how they make him into a moron for the sake of "high school shenanigans lol!". It's insulting to anyone who is a Spider-Man fan.

    8- Charlie’s Angels

    The 2000s movies turned a somewhat serious, respectable show into cringy comedies. This movie has even cringier comedy, downright painful, to the point of making a mockery of the original TV show. And the leads are completely unlikable, they have none of the charm of the 70s Angels or even the 2000s Angels.

    7- Dark Phoenix

    This movie was just wrong on all accounts. It was a terrible sendoff to the X-Men Cinematic Universe, it butchered the Dark Phoenix Saga from the comics (and the 90s cartoon show), it wasted all of its characters, and it left a lot of questions left unanswered.

    6- Men in Black: International

    This movie is so bad, it makes the third movie look like a masterpiece in comparison. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson have none of the charisma of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, the plot is dull and paper thin, and this has none of the creativity that the other movies had.

    5- Shaft

    Adding a whiny, effeminate, overly-sensitive protagonist to the franchise was a terrible idea. Every time the older Shafts do something badass, we have to cut to the younger Shaft whining about it, and it gets really annoying really fast.

    4- Glass

    This movie had promise: David Dunn going head-to-head with the Beast, with Mister Glass manipulating both. Unfortunately, the movie completely fails to deliver on that premise. And one of those twists that are present in every Shyamalan movie is in this movie, and said twist renders the entire trilogy a moot point.

    3- Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

    Who thought this sequel was a good idea? Maleficent isn't the "mistress of evil" in either this movie or the original, she's just a goody two-shoes. The fairy trio is still annoying, and the movie is so boring that it's a slog to sit through.

    2-Terminator: Dark Fate

    Despite the promise that we would be getting something better, this is just as bad as every movie after the second one. Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are wasted in this movie, the leads have zero charisma, and the plot feels like rehash.

    1-The Secret Life of Pets 2

    As always, the number one spot goes to the movie in the year that put the least amount of effort, and this year, it's this movie. No attempt was made to make it even a remotely decent movie, either for adults or for kids. Everything about the movie is half-assed: the writing, the acting, the jokes. It is, in my opinion, the worst movie of 2019.


    10-Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

    This movie is a treat to all Pokemon fans, full of continuity nods and details that Pokemon fans can appreciate. It's also a pretty entertaining movie, with great action scenes and great chemistry between the two leads.

    9- Angry Birds Movie 2

    Honestly, I'm just as stunned as you are that this movie turned out as good as it did. Everything about the movie is improved from the first movie: the jokes are funnier, the characters are more likable, the plot is much better, and it has much better action scenes.

    8-Hobbs and Shaw

    This movie is really fun, full of great action scenes, great chemistry between Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson, and a great, badass villain played excellently by Idris Elba. I know the shift into sci-fi territory, with the cyborg villain and the robot motorcycles, can be hard to swallow for some, but for I have no problem with it, since the previous "Fast and the Furious" movies were pretty unrealistic even without the sci-fi stuff.

    7-Dolemite is My Name

    This is just a great movie. I love seeing how "Dolemite" was made, all the trials and tribulations Rudy Ray Moore had to go through to get it made, and how it boosted his career. And Eddie Murphy is excellent in the role, it shows that he is a really funny and charismatic actor, he just needs to be given the right script.

    6- Alita: Battle Angel

    This movie has a really interesting and unique plot, it's full of creativity, it has a great lead, it has great action scenes, and the effects are great. I haven't watched the anime or read the manga, so I don't how how it compares to them, but on its own, it's great.

    5- Avengers: Endgame

    This movie is just awesome. It has fun moments, it has sad moments, every character gets to shine, and the final battle against Thanos, featuring every MCU superhero up to this point, is great. It's an excellent movie for anyone who's a superhero fan.

    4-John Wick: Chapter 3

    The action scenes are great, Keanu Reeves is great in the role, and it's a really fun movie. It really draws you in and makes you hope John Wick makes it to the end, and it has a lot of creativity and heart.

    3-Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    This movie is also a lot of fun. The fight scenes are great, King Ghidorah is a great villain, and it has several nods that reward you if you are a fan of Godzilla movies. It's a great entry in the MonsterVerse, and it has me excited for "Godzilla VS Kong" in November of next year.


    This is, in my opinion, the best movie in the DC Extended Universe. It has a lot of heart, the characters are likable and sympathetic, and it has a lot of fun superhero action. I like how the movie highlights the importance of family, and how some times, even if you feel angry at your family, they are still great people who want what's best for you.

    1-How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

    This movie is just excellent, It's full of heart and passion, likable characters, great animation, a wonderful score, great morals and a sense of wonder and awe. It's the perfect way to end the "How to Train Your Dragon" trilogy, it's a great movie for both children and adults, and it's, in my opinion, the best movie of 2019.
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