Where On Earth is Chase Devineaux

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    Who cares. This thread is about the new Carmen Sandiego cartoon. Man it was an awesome nine episodes. The Netflix reboot is amazing. Carmen's only a teenager, but hey they that's not a problem. She's as awesome as the original. A nice touch about it that I love is the Player, Zack and Ivy are all in the series. I mean they aren't entirely like their previous version, but just including their names is a nice nod to Where on Earth. Speaking of nodding to Where on Earth in an elevator scene they play the Where on Earth theme as the elevator music. It is so sweet! If you get a chance you should definitely watch the show. After one ep I couldn't stop till I watched all nine. If you have watched the show, what do you think about it?

    As for who Chase is, well he's an idiot detective who is on the Hunt for Carmen. He's really bad at his job. That's not really a spoiler as it's apparent in the first episode.

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