1. Tyro D. Fox
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    Feb 15, 2016
    Community Post #155
    Let's do a quick thing. After the weeks of heavy stuff, let's relax a little.

    So, I recently got to GM a Pokemon Tabletop United game for the first time. I charged in, guns blazing. I'd read all I could, set myself up and promptly got an encounter I thought would be dangerous, defeated inside an hour. To be fair, I miscalculated the effectiveness of 4 on 1 much more powerful character. Not powerful enough, apparently.

    But my players had fun so, I'm good.

    The encounter I ran to ease my players into the game and get my own feet wet was simple: the player's characters were called to train with a Gym Leader calling himself...
  2. Tyro D. Fox
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    Feb 1, 2016
    Well, I said I would...Though, it's not exactly a fun one...

    The Community Post #154
    Image by OinkTweetStudios
    Equality for All

    Great googily moogily! Am I really talking about this thing again?

    Yes. Yes, I am because this is the most bizarre episode element I can think of. We've seen creatures that feed on love and affection, we've seen the lord of chaos, various characters have had mental breakdowns, highly dangerous insects have turned up, we've seen an alternate reality where the entirety of a peace...
  3. Tyro D. Fox
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    Jan 19, 2016
    So, New Year! 2016! How about we try keeping my skills as a weirdo that talks way too in depth about colourful ponies as sharp as they can with a little challenge?

    And this is something I've thought of doing for a long while. A while back, I did a Community Post on some dumb country song that seemed kinda backwards. I made fun of it because it was a slow week and that was the most interesting topic I'd been exposed to at the time. It's clickbait-y as all hell but I did touch on something I probably out to dive into with this article series thing.

    Feminism is kinda rooted into My Little Pony as a whole, for better and for worse. Older series are often remembered as sugary tripe while Friendship is Magic appears to have a far better standing as a positive role model. It...
  4. Tyro D. Fox
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    Dec 23, 2015
    One more? Yeah, let's do one more.

    Raiders of the Lost Films
    A Very Murray Christmas
    (And a Bald Guy playing a Piano New Year)

    So...That was a thing. Um...It's not bad. I'll stop you there, it's not bad. I know it looks like it should be but it's not.

    To me at least, it feels stilted, weird and oddly disjointed. Plot points come and go, mainly to just excuse why Bill Murray and Paul Shaffer (which Americans will recognise from the band...
  5. Tyro D. Fox
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    Dec 8, 2015
    I know, I know! It's 150 articles. Sure! I'll look into doing something to celebrate but that's going to talk a little time. So, I'll do that separately. For now? Well...

    Raiders of the Lost Films
    The Emperor's New Groove
    (They don't all have to be entirely christmas related)
    This movie is awesome. It's just bloody fun. It's a laugh a minute...