1. Tyro D. Fox
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    Jul 21, 2015
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    Oh! Why the hell not?

    All In A Days Work - An Everypony Fanfic - Rambled Incoherently by Tyro The Fox

    The convention hall hummed with a relaxed atmosphere as the day dawdled onwards. Everypony was settling into the afternoon. The bar was open. 'The General Chat' caters to all and to all it offered a seat along with somewhere near an air-conditioner. Quiet chatter bubbles over the surface as S.P.I.K.E, the robotic baby dragon assistant Everypony keeps, polishes a glass absent-mindedly.

    Although, the eyes on the purple, metal dragon don't...
  2. Tyro D. Fox
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    Jul 13, 2015
    I know, I know! I'm getting slower and slower making these things but I always want to make sure I got something good to talk about on these things. I know that they have other functions too but my life has had shifts that I'm still adjusting to. I work full time now and that's still weird. Like, seriously weird to me. I've spent years sitting around according to my own schedule that writing these was easy.

    Now, I'm a little more cramped as I got deadlines but still, I'll get right on it.

    Even then, you know you can submit a Post article too, right? Anyway...

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    I saw the picture, I couldn't resist, OK?...
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    Jun 17, 2015
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    Ah sod it...Y'know, I do get to read a good chunk of this site's content every week (I notice I haven't gotten any tags linking me to things to put in the Post...Forgot about it, hmmm? Remember, it's just the '@' symbol followed by Tyro the Fox. Not too hard, right? It even pops up with a little thing with me in as if to say 'Oh! You're summoning Tyro? I'll get the Millionaire's Shortbread on a Fishing Line Ready!'. Seriously, Millionaires Shortbread and a bottle of Irn Bru and I'll be as happy as Larry. A particularly happy Larry too.)

    ...I had a point here...Oh yeah! Sometimes I read up on one of the recaps on...
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    Jun 4, 2015
    Just because I've redone the site doesn't mean this has to stop.

    And here's a new type of Post. In The Many Colours of Pony we'll try looking at interesting things to do with My Little Pony. Especially things surrounding the show but there's plenty of figuring out little bits and pieces within the universe so far we can tackle.

    This also means I'm retroactively making the last article Episode #1. Because I can. So there.

    This week however...

    Community Post #135

    (original art by Spacekut)...​
  5. Tyro D. Fox
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    May 22, 2015
    I'm fiiiiniiiiiiished.

    Well, sort of. I mean, there's still plenty to do but it's a start and you guys, I think, can start moving in.

    Please, poke and prod. Bare in mind, the paint's still wet on this site so, fully expect a few bugs and errors here and there. We'll work our rumps off to get them fixed for you.

    Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.