1. Tyro D. Fox
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    Dec 23, 2015
    One more? Yeah, let's do one more.

    Raiders of the Lost Films
    A Very Murray Christmas
    (And a Bald Guy playing a Piano New Year)

    So...That was a thing. Um...It's not bad. I'll stop you there, it's not bad. I know it looks like it should be but it's not.

    To me at least, it feels stilted, weird and oddly disjointed. Plot points come and go, mainly to just excuse why Bill Murray and Paul Shaffer (which Americans will recognise from the band...
  2. Tyro D. Fox
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    Dec 8, 2015
    I know, I know! It's 150 articles. Sure! I'll look into doing something to celebrate but that's going to talk a little time. So, I'll do that separately. For now? Well...

    Raiders of the Lost Films
    The Emperor's New Groove
    (They don't all have to be entirely christmas related)
    This movie is awesome. It's just bloody fun. It's a laugh a minute...
  3. Tyro D. Fox
    Created by Tyro D. Fox
    Nov 24, 2015
    I once wrote about why you ought to leave Polar Express alone. While, I'm getting a little awkward about that, I want to talk about another movie. Heck! Let's look at some of the...weirder and fringe movies of the Christmas cannon. After all, pushing out to other movies to expand what you watch around that time is a lovely thing, in my opinion.

    Let's make it a thing, shall we? OK! All December, we'll be looking for unusual Christmas movies, trying to expand the collection of films we watch every year.

    Raiders of the Lost Films
  4. Tyro D. Fox
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    Nov 11, 2015
    Welp! Here I am! Another analysis thingy on the week when Fallout 4 has been released. Is anyone there? Cool! I think I can bash out an article without bothering anyone. Timing is wonderful!

    Because, I haven't got anything conclusive on this one.

    Community Post #148
    Overthinking Princess Big Mac

    So, there was an episode that's passed us by that was a little...eh, let's say suspect. I talk about episode 17 of Season 5; Brotherhood Social.

    Now, I'm sure you'll look at the title of this and go: "Ohmigosh, Turok the Fox! How could you think Big Mac wants to...
  5. Tyro D. Fox
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    Oct 28, 2015
    I'm trying another idea!

    OK, so the idea here is that I try to come up with an idea for an episode/fan-fiction/game/whatever. Simply a premise. I can make it as detailed as I like and I can do mostly what I like but it has to make sense, it's got to sound entertaining and it's got to stick with the known personalities of the character's involved.

    Also, go right ahead and use this premise! If you think you can do something with it (writers for the show included) go right ahead and use it. I don't mind though, I'd at least like a credit, OK? Deal? Good.

    So, my first attempt at making my own Episodes? I did want to make a bit of a splash so, let's try an Applejack centric episode. We haven't really had one yet. This one? Applejack recounts how her life has changed, to her parents. Yep!...